Tuesday 26 March 2013

Joey's Creative Characters Answer Questions

Here's something fun for you all. In the past, I have written conversations between all her characters and to bring a little cheer and an idea of what my characters think, here's a new conversation between the majority of them.

Tally - Blackout
Lisa - Blackout
Tara - Dying Thoughts Series
Kaolin - Dying Thoughts Series
Chloe - The Friendship Triangle
Charlotte - The Friendship Triangle
Lynne - Lynne & Hope
Hope - Lynne & Hope
Zack - Waiting On You - Not yet released
Angelina - Waiting On You - Not yet released
Harriet - Destination: Unknown - Book in progress
Dot - Destination: Unknown - Book in progress

1. How old are you all?
Tally: 15, but by now I'd be in my twenties if book characters aged
Lisa: 15, but I agree with Tally, we don't age
Tara: 16 - I get to age but not as quickly as I'd like!
Kaolin: 16, I also get to age, but I'm not as unhappy about the time it takes as Tara
Chloe: 13, forever 13!
Charlotte: Same as Chloe
Lynne: 25, but at least I'll keep my good looks
Hope: *snorts with laughter* Good looks? Oh right, question, I'm 15
Zack: 16
Angelina: 15, but I'm a mature fifteen
Harriet: 15, but I'd only be a little older if I could age
Dot: 15, and I would be aged by now, I'd be dead!

2. When was your story written?
Chloe: It was started in 1995...
Charlotte: But it wasn't done until 2001!
Tally: 2001 possibly
Lisa: Yeah, she wrote it quick so it would have been 2001
Tara: It started in 2002 or 2003 and she hasn't finished it yet
Kaolin: I wonder if it will EVER be finished!
Lynne: Well, it started out that I was a ghost haunting Hope and that was in 2002 or 2003 and then she changed it to us being sisters, I'm not sure which one I prefer to be honest.
Hope: I think I prefer it when you're haunting me, then at least you'd go away! *Lynne flicks Hope's ear* Ow! Anyway, she finished the story in 2005
Zack: I think it was 2008 it was started
Angelina: Yup and finished in 2010
Harriet: It was started in 2010 but it's still not finished yet, it's almost there, but not just yet!
Dot: Harriet is right, though technically the story started in 1910

3. What's your story about?
Tara: My gift of solving murders and seeing people die
Kaolin: That sounds like you hang out in all the wrong places. See, Tara has this gift...
Tara: Don't give away my secret, you know how my dad feels about that!!
Lynne: It's about my annoying sister and how she got me accused of a crime I didn't commit
Hope: Actually it's about how I saved my sister from jail!
Chloe: Friendship and magic
Charlotte: And a monkey for some reason!
Harriet: Murder and time travel
Dot: I still don't quite believe that you're not an apparition from God you know...
Zack: Online stuff and being careful who you speak to
Angelina: True love, hampered by tragedy
Tally: Drugs, coma, murder attempts. It's a real page turner
Lisa: Yeah, and it also raises awareness for a rare condition
Harriet: Oh mine does that too!

4. Any plot points that you hated?
Harriet: The fact that my mum was so sick. I mean, I know it raises awareness, but it still sucked!
Dot: My family falling apart, that seemed very unfair
Lynne: Being accused of murder and having to go on the run
Hope: Being Lynne's sister
Tara: Having my gift, but I guess if you take that away it doesn't have much of a story
Kaolin: Nope, Tara, if they took that away it would just be you bitching and whining and no one wants to read that
Tara: Hey, you're supposed to be my best friend!!
Kaolin: I only speak the truth
Zack: Being arrested
Angelina: My whole family, can we erase that part? The rest is perfect!
Chloe: My dad being dead, that sucked
Charlotte: My messed up family situation, but I guess it was all for the plot...oh and that damned monkey!
Chloe: It's a primate actually...
Charlotte: *pokes her tongue out at Chloe*

5. Do you like your stories?
Angelina: YES! I find love, and Zack is perfect!
Zack: Well, it's doesn't actually...
Angelina: SPOILERS!
Harriet: I don't know, it's not finished yet
Dot: I can not comment, I don't know the ending
Lynne: Apart from having to bond with dear sister of mine, then I guess it's okay
Hope: I still wish it coulda been the ghost one where I got rid of her at the end!
Tara: Which one? Some I like, some I wish hadn't happened.
Kaolin: I'm with Tara, some are great, well not great, they involve murder, but y'know what I mean
Tally: I liked it when it ended
Lisa: Sometimes, it sucked in parts for me
Lynne: I feel your pain, Lisa!

6. Lastly, are you all on Facebook? Twitter? Tumblr?
Lynne: Face what?
Hope: I don't think that existed back then
Harriet: Both Facebook and Twitter, not tried Tumblr
Dot: I have books of faces of my family if that's what you mean, photographs and such
Chloe: Huh?
Charlotte: Why doesn't Tumblr have an e in it?
Angelina: No, until my story was written I didn't have the internet
Dot: The internet? Is that like DNA? Whatever that is, Harriet never did explain all of that
Tally: No idea
Lisa: I'm with Tally on this one, what is it?
Tara: Nope
Kaolin: Never heard of it
Zack: Yeah, but I don't use it that much
Harriet: Duh, guys! It's Facebook, y'know? Social Media online
*Lynne, Dot, Chloe, Charlotte, Tally, Lisa, Tara & Kaolin all look blankly at Harriet*
Harriet: Help me out here, Zack.
Zack: It's this thing where you have a page and people can friend you
Angelina: Like LJ, but newer
Harriet: Yup! Exactly.
*They still all look blank*
Harriet: *deep sigh* I give up!

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