Joey's Authortube Videos

Making time to write
Editing is the hardest part
The truth about reviews
Being an Indie Author
The Rules Of Writing
Setting Goals
Preparing For Release 
My Authorversary
Writing The Beginning 
Writing The Middle
Writing The End 
Looking Back on 2016

Dealing With Self-Doubt 
Finding An Editor 
Finding A Proof-Reader
Working With Criticism
Dealing With Self-Criticism
Making Connections 
Show AND Tell 
Choosing Your Genre
Writing Outside Your Comfort Genre
Conquering Your Gremlin 
Signing Events: The Experience
Managing Multiple Projects
Looking Back on 2017

Diversity Matters
Reading Writer
Is Inspiration Real? 
Grammar Police
Why Self-Pub/Indie?
Social Media
Building A Fanbase 
44 Facts About The WAM World 
My Writing Process 
Write What You Know

Authortube Vlogs

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The Signing Aftermath - Oct
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Year Of Writing Count - Nov
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Review Of The Year - Dec
Goals For 2018 - Dec

Life Of Joey - Jan
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44 Facts About Tara - Mar
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BONUS SUNDAY - #AmWriting - #001 - Jun
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Writing Crime Scenes - Jun
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BONUS SUNDAY - Real Talk #002 - What's Wrong With Joey? - Aug
Questions From Readers - Aug

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