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Cover Reveal: Daughter Of The Night by Tiki Kos


Daughter of the Night by Tiki Kos

Cover by The Book Cover Designer

Daughter of the Night #1 Genre: paranormal romance, young adult Release date: October 31st, 2017 add-to-goodreads


Daughter of Nรณtt, your sacrifice will bring the end. When Serena returns home from a day of work, she witnesses a terrifying event which uproots her quiet existence. Attacked by a vicious creature, she is saved by a mysterious figure and introduced to the Einherja, warriors trained to protect Earth from demons. Serena soon finds out she is the descendant of an Aesir god, and her recurring dreams might just be the answer to Avonmore's ritualistic murders. Will she be able to protect her hometown, or will she be forced to sacrifice her new love? Daughter of Nรณtt, your sacrifice will not be in vain. A tale of passion, loss and self-awakening, Daughter Of The Nightis the debut release of Tiki Kos, and the first in the Daughter Of The Night trilogy. For fans of Mortal Instruments and Buffy, let yourself get sucked into the whirlwind of adventure and Norse Mythology. 22385184_10154775608486244_1045105458_n


Tiki Kos.jpg

Author bio

YA Author of Daughter of The Night (Halloween 2017)  House Stark, Rebel, Sailor Scout, Hufflepuff, Cthulhu obsessed, Board game addict. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She started working on her YA novel Daughter of The Night in 2016. The first book in the trilogy. Tiki has been married to her husband Joel since 2015. She is a mother of two wonderful children.  When she isn't working on her novels, you can find her drinking coffee and eating sushi. She enjoys baking/canning, reading fantasy books, gardening and playing video games.

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Series & Standalone:When It's Time To End A Series


If you're like me then you'll me aware that there are some book series that go on for too long. I won't name and shame, everyone's reading experience is different, but there does come a point where you start to think that maybe the series should've ended before that point. When I started writing the Dying Thoughts series, it was one big thing that stuck in my head and made me more than a little nervous. I didn't want my series to jump the shark, but I also didn't want to end it before the story was done. This is less of a problem for series that have an arc that carries on through the books, such as the Harry Potter series because in those cases, you generally know where the story ends and therefore where the series will finish.

That said, even if you don't know the actual end point of your series before starting, it's generally a good idea to sit down and think about where this story is going and where you want to get to before you finally close the door on those characters and that world. When I started writing Tara's story, initially I was only going to go as far as getting her out of secondary school because I felt that was the natural end of the book. When I reached that point, I realised her tale wasn't done and extended it tentatively to seven books before finally writing the eighth and final book last year. The end of the book was still a similar point, but as the story had grown, Tara as a character had also grown and evolved and she had more to say and more to do before I could happily stop writing.

So how do you know when it's time to end a series? If you do have an end point in mind that's all well and good, but what if that end point is not a solid time and can happen at any point? Unlike with the Harry Potter books, which took you from Harry's first year to his last, where each book was a school year, the Dying Thoughts series didn't have such a timeline. It takes place at different points along the last two years of Tara's secondary school and beyond into college. I was very careful with how many books I did, never over-planning, but still have some semblance of a plan in place, because I didn't want readers to get to the point I've gotten to with other series. Which is where you read it and think: really?? Like seriously? I didn't want to over-extend the belief that Tara could go through these different scenarios and still come out the other side.

I looked for three key things when I realised it was near the end of her story and I made sure that as I plotted out each new book past the original five, that I checked in at several stages to be sure that I wasn't going too far. It's very easy to get attached to characters and their worlds, and it's very easy to be so comfortable writing them that you don't want to stop. By the end of the Dying Thoughts series, it had become almost second nature to be writing one of those books while I also wrote a standalone. It's not surprising considering that was pretty much the case the whole of my writing career. It took me just under fifteen years to finish all eight books, and saying goodbye was hard, but I also knew it was right.

So what did I look for? I basically asked myself the following questions, making sure that I really examined every point in full before I made my final decision and I kept doing that throughout the writing process as well.

I had created a world where Tara, at fifteen, has a psychic gift that allows her to see the last moments of someone's life when she touches something that used to belong to them. She, in the first book and into the second, uses this gift sparingly and mostly keeps it to herself, but at the end of First Touch, she's approached by a police officer who knew her mother (from whom Tara inherited the gift) and asked to help consult on cases. In the real world, that would be a difficult feat to pull off for anyone with those powers. So in essence, I'm already stretching the powers of believability to a point. When writing the later books, as Tara grew as a character, I was asking myself whether or not, considering all she had been through, would it be possible for her to get wrapped up in another crime that needed her intervention? If I couldn't present the facts of the case to someone who'd read the books (mostly B or Kim) without having to go into too much detail and background information, then it wasn't going to be a story I could keep telling. I made sure that I was able to justify every book. Although I had always planned to do five, even as early as Third Wish I was asking for help to see if my series had jumped the shark. I used the people I did because they knew me well enough that I trusted their honest opinion on whether or not the story was just too out there to be carried out.


At the end of Fifth Secret, when I decided to continue the series, I was pretty sold on where I wanted that epilogue to take place. I wanted to get to that point with as few books as possible. So every book that followed it got broken down into whether or not it furthered the story (something you should do with any series to be honest) and got me to my goal or if it was just a story that I wanted to tell because of other reasons. When writing Sixth Change which will come out in May 2018, I knew where I wanted to start, but I also knew that because of what happened in Fifth Secret, I would have to be careful how far forward in time I jumped. Because of that the seventh book takes place further along than usual. I made sure that I could justify each new story so that I didn't have to worry that it wasn't needed. If the storyline passed the first hurdle, this second one was in place to make sure that I told the right kind of stories.

And finally, #3. IS IT THE END?
If my plotlines got passed the first two questions, I would then sit and seriously consider if this was the story that ended the series. I would weigh up the start points with the projected end point and see whether or not this would be the final book. I finally had the answer to that when I started to plot out the eighth book. The kind of story I wanted to tell called for it to be the end. There was no way I could've continued the series with what happens, and no way I would've wanted to. The eighth book fulfilled all three questions and because of that, it's where I left Tara.

So those are my three questions as to whether it's time to end a series. At the end of the day, it's something on you as an author can decide because you're the one with the story, plot and characters all in your head. But one piece of advice, just because you pause a series if you don't know it's the end, doesn't mean you can't pick it up later, and same as if you reach the end before you think you're ready, it's better to quit before you arrive at the jumping the shark moment. Your mileage may, of course, vary, and that's okay. 

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A week ago today was #thedarkersideoffiction2017 and my first signing. What an amazing experience it was! Today is six months until #Shenanigans2018 which will be my second signing! Time to write! #amwriting #writerslife #writersofinstagram #authorslife #authorsofinstagram #indieauthor #booksigning

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TFW you've had a shit day and got no one to blame but yourself and your body hates you on top. Coz it can just join the back of the queue #spoonie #selfie #badday #brittleasthma #chronicillness #fibromyalgia #flare #chronicpain

Interview with Trish Beninato & review of Acceptance

I am pleased to welcome Trich Beninato to my blog today for both an interview and my review of her books - Acceptance. Here's a little bit about Trish.

Trish Beninato is a young adult fantasy/scifi indie author, who has an unhealthy love for Marvel comics and Star Wars. She is desperately trying to make thirty the new twenty and lives in Colorado with her husband, three children and her adorable rescue pup. She was born in Indiana and raised around the world, spending most of her youth in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She has a love for traveling and moving to new places thanks to being a child of the military and now spouse to a military soldier. In her spare time she works with young children, paints and hikes around the Rocky Mountains.

And onto the interview!

What made you want to be a writer?
I’ve always been involved in some type of creative writing. I started writing novels in college, but they were more works in progress. Finally, I finished one that I was proud of and ready to publish. I think what made me decide to become a writer was when the stories became something I couldn’t close my eyes and not see it playing as a scene or the character’s speaking to me in some way urging me to write their words down. That was when I knew, I just had to write.

What kind of books do you read for pleasure?
I read a bunch of everything. I enjoy paranormal, sci-fi/fi fantasy, supernatural, romance and in any age group. I mean I read the Percy Jackson novels and fell in love. Lately, I’ve been reading a bunch of young adult and new adult novels since that is my preferred writing genre.

What kind of writer are you: plan or not?
I guess as writers everyone has different desires on what they want to be as a writer. I want to be good. I want people to enjoy my books and give them a little bit of my crazy imagination that they can catch a little bit of as well.

What book/character of yours is your favourite?
I only have one book out published, but my main character, Jewel, I based much of her character on a sassy girl who really grew through the book to understand what she needed to do in order to save the ones she loves. I admire that about her.

If you had the chance to write anywhere, where would you choose?
So, this summer I did a bunch of my writing after a hike or at a park. I live in Colorado and it is beautiful here. I find inspiration in nature.

What attracted you to your chosen genre?
I work with youth and middle schoolers. First as a teacher and later as a assistant director in a program. I love that age group, so I wrote for them. And as for writing fantasy and sci/fi, I wrote in that genre because I love it myself. And everyone loves a good romance, to include myself. So I started with my first book adding all the things I love and molding it into something young adults would love as well- or at least I hope!

How have other writers influenced your own writing?
Oh, there are so many! I love Edhna Walters. Her Runes series is really well written. I’ve also tried to read a few authors series that were similar to mine with he twist of mythology in it. Eva Pohler has a really great series I picked up recently that is really great. It’s called the Gatekeepers Daughter. In adult fiction I’m a really big fan of Karen Marie Moning and my hometown native Theresa Medeiros.

Do you prefer to type or hand write?
Type, I prefer to not do double the work, but have tons of respect for those who hand write. I take my MacBook everywhere.

Do you have a writing playlist? Or do you prefer silence?
I usually don’t listen to music when I write, but because I’m always multitasking. I write with my children running around. Although, I do like the idea of a writing playlist. I might have to try it at night when I’m writing into the night while they are asleep!

Do you have any hobbies?
I like to hike, I love oil painting and I love to travel.

What's your favourite kind of scene to write?
I like to write action scenes or highly emotional scenes. There are quite a few in my book. Another would be to write scenes where there is funny banter between the characters.

Would you ever like to branch out to a different genre?
Yes, I am open to branching out to any of the genres I love. And I love a bunch of them!

What does your writing space look like?
I’m just going to be honest and say it looks like a hot mess, but I call creative chaos! But thats only my writing space.

When destiny and desire collide...

In a community full of supernatural powers, eighteen-year-old Jewel longs for a life of normalcy. But nothing in her life is ordinary. And suddenly she discover she's more abnormal than she ever realized--complete with a past she never knew existed. Once a goddess from ancient Greece, Jewel is the main reason everyone has their special abilities.

As she struggles with her newfound knowledge, Jewel encounters the mysterious god of Egypt, Anubis. With a past she has no recollection of, she tries to deny the pull she has for the sexy god. But, destiny has other plans. As she uncovers more secrets about who she really is, Jewel is pulled into a dangerous world surrounded by a prophecy--a prophecy that both terrifies and intrigues her. Will Jewel accept who she once was for a chance to become who she's meant to be?

My review: 5 stars
I loved this book! The opening was hat pulled me in, Jewel lives on a compound of sorts where people have enhanced abilities, she's after a normal life and so struggles to stay in school like a normal teen even though her powers have started to manifest. She's thrown in at the deep end when things start to unravel and the truth about her, her past and her life come to the forefront of her world. It is engaging, exciting and thrilling to read. I loved Jewel and Teddy and loved the pace of the story. It was amazing and I loved it!

You can follow Trish on Facebook or Twitter.

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Life Of Joey - October 2017 [CC]

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Joey at #darkersideoffiction2017 on Saturday 7th! It was an amazing experience and I am so excited for Darker 2018 and future signings all round! #indieauthor #authorslife #authorsofinstagram #writerslife #writersofinstagram #booksigning

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Getting ready for the ball! It's been an amazing day! First signing as gone brilliant! #indieauthor #writersofinstagram #writerslife #authorslife #authorsofinstagram #booksigning

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And it's almost time!! #TheDarkerSideofFiction2017 is upon us. #indieauthor #authorslife #authorsofinstagram #writerslife #writersofinstagram #booksigning #Darker2017

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And we have arrived for #Darker2017! All unpacked and ready for fun tomorrow! #authorslife #authorsofinstagram #indieauthor #writersofinstagram #writerslife #booksigning #thedarkersideoffiction2017

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Conquering Your Gremlin [CC]

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#regram via @gemini2goddess . . . "New Release! Link in bio. Sanah Once upon a time, my heart ached from sorrow. Now, it aches for Noah... Noah Garrett gives me chills up my spine and on my arms when our eyes clash. It's awkward because, that invisible force is always surrounding him. The feeling I get is unceasing. The kind that makes my heart ache to know more about him. I ache to feel the strong embrace of his arms around me and so much more.  I've spent so much time with an aching void where my heart should be I barely noticed when the pain changed from sorrow to desire. I don't mourn what I've lost as much as I bleed for what I want. Noah may be the man I shouldn't have, but he's the only man that makes me feel like I could want more. Noah The hunger that consumes me every time I lay eyes on Sanah makes me want to claim her for my own. Her weary eyes radiate hurt and betrayal. I want to change that look to happiness, like the sun when it rises in the sky to give us a new day. I've spent my life convincing everyone I want to remain a bachelor, but the pain I see in Sanah makes me wish for more. I could take her now and turn that pain into rapture, but at what cost? Is knowing this woman worth the change I can feel happening every time I look into those hungry eyes? I wonder, what man was dumb enough to break a woman as beautiful as Sanah's heart?"

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#IGwritersOct Day three is my writing tools. This is my awesome keyboard for my main computer but I also have a tablet with another awesome keyboard too!. #amwriting #writerslife #authorslife #authorsofinstagram #indieauthor #writingspace #writersofinstagram #lovemyjob #ilovewriting

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Series & Standalone: When Your Standalone Becomes A Series


I covered this a little in last week's post, but now with only a few days until Darker, I thought I would carry on with this mini series and talk about what to do when you realise your standalone has series potential, or possibly, is already a series and you're the last one to be clued into it. For the purpose of this series, I'm going to assume that like me, you're either a hybrid or someone who is a complete pantser. If you're a planner and you ended up in this situation, you're probably a hybrid, just sayin'!

Back when I first started planning the plot for Lights Out, I was ninety-nine percent sure it was a standalone. To the point where I had the ending all picked out and everything. I started writing and all was going to plan until I got about fifty percent of the way through it and then I realised a few things. One, the main character, Lock, would never, ever do what I'd planned for the ending. It didn't fit with her personality, with the way she was written and it just didn't work for her as a character. Two, the story itself had a bigger plot than I'd first realised and if I wanted to tell it to the best of my ability, it would need a sequel. And finally three, that sequel was going to need a sequel too.

So boom, I went from finishing off the Dying Thoughts series, to landing myself right into the midst of a trilogy and no idea for the series I'd write alongside it. I'll come to that in another piece. I decided that rather than rewrite the whole book and try and make a character fit the plot that I had already realised was wrong, I'd go off plan and set the scene for this idea becoming a trilogy. It was both a nerve-wracking time and also an exciting time because Lights Out fell very much into the dystopian genre and I had, for a long time, wanted to write a dystopian and now I had both that AND it was going to be a trilogy? Talk about jackpot ideas!

I realised pretty quickly that I was going to have to change a lot of the minimal outline I already had. I had two ways I could've done that, printed off a second one and worked from that, or trust myself and the story and keep going, having the bare minimum of an outline. Something I had never done before. It scared the hell out of me, but as I learned to trust myself, trust the world I'd built and trust in the characters I'd created, I was able to focus on getting this first book done. If you ever find yourself in that same situation, then here's a few pieces of advice.

I chose not to, but I knew that if needed, I could at any point, go back to the planning stages and do it that way. There is zero shame in needing to stop writing to focus on the plan. Sometimes the plan can be what brings it all together in a place where the story can continue on.


One thing that helped me stay focused was that it didn't matter if that later on I needed to edit, this was just the first draft and therefore it didn't matter if later I realised that there was something that needed changing. No one but me was ever going to see that first draft.

The big thing for me was realising that both my characters, and the plot of the original idea just wouldn't work. By changing the book from a standalone to a trilogy, that made a big change in the outcome of the decisions both I made, and were written into the book itself. Just because I'd started with one thing did not mean that I couldn't change it to something else.

If I'd forced myself to keep Lights Out as a standalone, I do not think it would ever be published because it went against everything I believed was true in the world I'd created. In doing that, I would've turned the book from something I was passionate about to something that didn't work. Trust yourself and your judgement because it's your story and you know where it needs to go. If you're thinking that there's something not right, then listen to that feeling and see what can be done to make it right.

So those are my tips for what to do if you go from writing a standalone to writing a series. I hope they're useful to you and remember that just because it happened to me, and I'm a hybrid and you're not, doesn't mean it can't happen to you. Your mileage as always, may vary.


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#IGwritersOct day one is international coffee day but I'm allergic to coffee so got my tea to get me writing today! #authorslife #writersofinstagram #amwriting #writerslife #authorslife #authorsofinstagram #indieauthor