Friday 29 July 2022

Review of Ascend by Bille Jade Kermack

  With Grace left beaten and bloodied on the beach, haunted by the tortured spirit murdered almost eighteen years earlier, Grace must gather what energy she can to delve into her family's twisted past and discover the connection between the two of them, before she pays dearly....with her life.

Rekindling the all consuming love she thought she had lost when her soul mate walked out of her life in a bid to save her from his demons feels as easy as breathing when her handsome beloved, Beau walks back into her life. Their promises of forever now carved in unmoveable stone Grace soon learns that Beaus otherworldly ability to commune with the dead is now a gift they have in common.
With her every waking moment tainted by horrific hauntings, her grip on her sanity hanging by a thread, Grace must harness what limited knowledge of the afterlife that she has and journey back into her past.
Armed with her determination to survive, a powerful witch, a time travelling spell and the unbreakable bond that her and Beau share, Grace and Beau must discover a hidden secret and solve a murder case if they have any hopes of surviving. Chances must be taken, their choices a small leap between life and death.

Will their love conquer all or will Grace realise the heart-breaking cost of playing amongst the shadows?


My Review: 5 STARS

I read the first book, and dove into the second desperate to know what is next for Grace and Beau, and man was I in for a ride. I loved the character arcs, the world building, the bits and pieces shared that allowed us to know more about both the characters and the challenges they face. I was hooked and ended up reading it all in one sitting. The ending almost killed me, and so I’m going to have to read book three because I have a need to know what happens next. Very much enjoyed and loved, and recommended to those who love paranormal fiction.

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Tuesday 26 July 2022


Hetti knows there's something off, but she's so new to the job, she doesn't think anyone will listen to her.


[ID: A dirty green background, with the title WALK A MILE at the top and Out now in ebook, paperback & audiobook just above the title. The except reads:

“I wanted to ask about that last call,” I said, moving around the threshold of my actual question.
“The crank one? They don’t happen as much as they used to apparently. With the ID cards and the fact that everyone has their own phone now it’s harder for people to get away with it. Usually it’s kids who don’t think they’ll get caught and mostly they don’t. If they continue or are a repeat offender, then someone will track the call and all of that, but otherwise we let them have the one or two.”
“No, I meant that kid in the street,” I said, so quietly that I wasn’t sure she’d hear me.
She did, and she groaned.

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Monday 25 July 2022

5 Facts About My Current WIP: Keep Your Promises


Last week I talked about my other wip, which you can find here. This week I wanted to give you five facts about Keep Your Promises which is the third, and possibly, final book in the Sara Song trilogy. If you're interested in the previous five facts for this series you can find them here and here.

So what's the book about? Sara Song is fifteen and a newly developed psychic. Normally psychics manifest when they're eleven, but Sara was thought to be a gulfer, someone who had psychic parents and yet never came into their abilities. I can't go into too much detail here because of spoilers, but Sara isn't just a dual psychic, she's so much more than that. The book itself is young adult paranormal/mystery, or perhaps just plain old urban fantasy, if you don't know me well, you know I usually reserve the right to change the genre right up to publication! This book is still in the very early stages so I've not narrowed things down just yet.


Following on from the second book, Sara has made her decree and is now facing a massive mission that she's not sure she can pull off. She has her friend, Kyla with her, but between the two of them, they have to do the impossible. They have to stay hidden, confront the psychic service and somehow come out as the victors, and that's not going to be easy, though no one ever implied it would be.

When Sara first manifested, she was excited about finally being able to join other psychics and be allowed to learn about her abilities and how they would work. She had a mindset that now looking back, she would call naive and immature. So much has happened to her since then that she's not sure how she could have missed it all before. While she'd been somewhat sheltered by her pro-service parents, she never realised just how deep the corruption, the control, went, and now she's seen it, she can't and won't walk away.

Sara's best friend, Avary, isn't with her any more. They were left back at Gatherweed and with the truth about their heritage hanging over them like a sharp blade, Sara wants nothing more than to go back, rescue them, and being them to a safe place. She can't do that and she also couldn't bring herself to admit that she has deeper feelings for Avary than anyone realised. Her goal is to keep them safe, to make sure that they don't pay for Sara's crimes, but she's at a loss as to how to do that.


Sara has always had problems with using her abilities triggering her severe asthma. Now she's been thrown in the deep end, it's sink or swim time and her lungs are getting worse with every new hurdle put in her way. She's never been fit as such, but now she's expected to train, to fight for the cause, and her lungs did not get that memo. She's scared that she'll let the side down, that she'll be captured, that she'll be forced to service the very people she hates.

With every new hurdle put in her way, Sara is starting to doubt whether the people around her can actually do what they want. She doesn't even know if she and Kyla have the skills necessary to do what's been asked of them. Given her extreme lack of education until she went to Gatherweed, Sara isn't sure she's the right person for this job, and it doesn't feel like she has any choice but to do her best, while knowing it's likely that she will fail, she will let people down, she won't be able to stop the battle that's coming, and with everyone's eyes on her and Kyla, she doesn't think she'll ever forgive herself if she fails.

So there we go, those are the five facts for my current WIP! I'm really loving this series and hoping that this one will go as well as I hope and resolve everything nicely. We'll see if there will end up being a fourth book in the series, but if that's the case, I already have a title in mind, which is a good feeling!

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments!

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Friday 22 July 2022

Review of Seeker of Secrets by Ashley McLeo

A past erased from my memory . . .

A protector I never wanted . . .

An enemy (or two) determined to strike me down . . .

One day I’m raiding tombs and trying to buy my freedom from the man who has controlled me for years.

The next, I’m dropped into the underbelly of Yale and propositioned by a secret society of dark artifact hunters.

And apparently, I have magic.

But that’s not the craziest thing.

My last heist unleashed evil on the world, and I’m responsible. Thankfully, the secret society seems happy to help me right my wrongs and discover my power. Maybe even help me to remember my past too.

Well, most everyone, anyway. Tobias, a domineering, sexy vampire, is the notable exception. Too bad for him, he’s also assigned as my partner. My protector—a designation that he clearly despises.

But I’ve handled worse than Tobias and now that I have a place to start, no one will stop me from discovering my hidden past.


My Review:  5 STARS

I picked this up having read other books by McLeo and loved them. Diving in, I was hooked from the first page and was along for the ride. Meredith, Tobias and everyone else was so well crafted that you couldn’t help but hope they won, and beat everyone else in the process. The twists and turns in the plot keep you turning the page and making you wonder what will happen next. This is a series that I will be following and one that I highly recommend to those who love a good paranormal with excellent world building.

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Tuesday 19 July 2022


Tara has so much to deal with since the summer, and she's not all that sure how to cope with it all...


[ID: A blurred yellow light background, with the title DYING THOUGHTS - SIXTH CHANGE at the top and Out now in ebook, paperback & audiobook just above the excerpt. The except reads:

I looked down at my hands and could see the tremor that had given away how scared I was to Kaolin. What the hell was wrong with me? Nothing had happened to *me*, it was Marie who’d been attacked. Why was my body reacting like this?

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Monday 18 July 2022

5 Facts About My Current WIP: As The Cliff Crumbles


It's the time again, when I've got a couple of new projects and I want to tease you with some facts about them. I only recently started both of these, and next week I'll tell you about the other one, but for this week I wanna focus on my standalone, As The Cliff Crumbles. It's young adult sci-fi/mystery or even sci-fi/thriller. I've not fully decided on which it'll turn out to be and as always that's subject to change.

So what's it about? It's set in the twenty-second century, in a compound off the coast of Freathy, Cornwall, where soil erosion has destroyed cliff side villages and they now live on the beach in purposefully built compound as their own insular community. It's very much like a small town, and everyone there is very much aware of their place in the community and with the mainland. The main character is a girl called Sophia Kermack, who's sixteen and fed up of secrets.


It's something that has always bothered her, but since her mum won't talk about what happened before the fire that almost killed her and did kill her father, she's kinda had to get used to the fact that she remembers nothing of her dad. She remembers nothing of life before the compound, and she knows it's strange, but she also doesn't really have any way to change that. It's not just her mother who stays silent but every resident she's ever brought it up with has given her a similar story and can't or won't give her details beyond that.

Leyland is Sophia's best friend. Their dad was also killed in the fire, and while they have patchy memories of what happened then, they do have full recollection of their life before the compound became home. Leyland is willing to do whatever it takes to give Sophia what she needs, closure and her memories. The pair of them have been inseparable since childhood and while Leyland has always been more outgoing than her, the two of them get on very well.


The fire that she can't remember almost killed her. Since then, since her battle to survive, she has required supplemental oxygen, deliver by a little wireless band under her nose that recharges from solar energy and keeps her connected to a steady flow of pure oxygen. She also relies on an electric wheelchair which she steers with her torso and is solar powered. She's the only person in a compound of a thousand that is visibly disabled, and it's something more for her to worry about, especially when everyone just seems to want to protect her from the truth.


Everyone, above the age of fourteen, is assigned a duty. Since Sophia came of age, her mother had her in a duty position that didn't use the best of her skills. Sophia has a good tech brain and knows how to work with the AI that controls the compound and keeps everyone safe. Sophia has asked to change duty more than once, but her mother claims she's too fragile to work elsewhere. It doesn't stop there either, her mum controls when she goes to school, and never lets her leave the compound. Sophia can watch the sea, the waves from the patio doors in her cabin, and this is allowed so she can charge her chair and oxygen band, but she hasn't, in her memory, ever been out there.


It happened slowly at first, a dream that felt very real, and then a flashback in her classroom, and with everything else going on, she tries to ignore them, until those flashbacks start to clue her in to the fact that she, and Leyland, have been lied to their entire lives. All is not what it seems with the fire, with the way her mum has been. If one thing is certain, Sophia wants the truth, the whole truth, and she will stop at nothing to get it.

So there we go, those are five facts about As The Cliff Crumbles. It's very much a standalone, and I'm loving where it's going and how much it just seems to flow when I'm writing it. Remember to come back next week for five facts about my other project!

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments!

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Friday 15 July 2022

Review of Awoken by Billie Jade Kermack

Grace didn’t believe in ghosts or demons, she thought magic was something that only lived in the pages of fairy tales.

How very wrong she was.

Hidden away most of his life, Beau had successfully managed to mask his gift from the world. Having the ability to commune with the dead wasn’t exactly the best conversation starter, and that was okay, he didn’t much like people anyway, until he walked back into Gallows Wood and into Grace’s life.

Struggling with the incessant onslaught of nightmares about her father’s untimely death, Grace had accepted that maybe she just wasn’t destined for a happily ever after.

Fate however had a skewed sense of humor. The deeper Grace delves into Beau’s world, the further she wanders from the safety of her own. Plagued by the spirit of a sadistic serial killer long dead, Grace must harness what power she can to defeat him and stay alive. Awakening family secrets that Grace could never have imagined to be true begs the question: Had she been surrounded by magic longer than she had thought?

How far into a world plagued by evil would you go to save the soul of the one you love?


My Review: 4 STARS

I picked this up because the cover looked interesting and the blurb intrigued me. It took me a little bit to get into the story, but once I was more used to the author’s style, I was hooked on the story unfolding in the pages. I loved Grace, loved the way she came to life on the page. I adored the world built around her and Beau, and there were parts when I was itching to know more. I will be reading the next book in the series, because that ending begged for me to continue on with the story. I have so many feelings about Beau and Grace and I’m hoping for the outcome I want. Overall, a good book!

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Tuesday 12 July 2022


One thing Cat and her friends have is they are always there for each other no matter what...


[ID: A blue & purple background, with the title IT'S NOT ALWAYS RAINBOWS at the top and Out now in ebook, paperback & audiobook just above the excerpt. The except reads:

“I know. Is that why you’ve been so quiet?” Alex said, directing the question to Jayden.
She didn’t reply straight away, but she nodded. “You need an Alex hug?”
Before she could reply, Alex pulled her into a hug and held her tightly. To anyone watching who didn’t know it would have looked like they were just girlfriend and boyfriend sharing an intimate moment.

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Monday 11 July 2022

Six Month Check In With Goals


Every December I'll set myself goals for the coming year, and every July I'll review and see how I'm doing for those goals. The goals are usually set on my Authortube channel (found here), but I like to review them here on the blog so that everyone can see them, and it's a way to hold myself accountable.

I also do monthly goals on a private blog, as well as the bi-monthly ones on my channel, but these are goals that will happen throughout the year and need time to bloom and grow. So without further ado, let's look at where I stand with my goals for 2022!


This is on the way to being completed with one slight addition. My dev editor has been doing school and so we pushed back the release to November instead, but otherwise we're about 50% of the way through the dev edits and should finish them in early August, from there it'll be line and proof and then it's set to be released in November. The cover reveal is due to happen ont he 21st July on my authortube channel, so if you wanna be the first to see it, make sure you subscribe to me there!


I've not finished revision, and it's looking like the editor date will either be December or it will be April 2023. This is down to dev editor and school work, but it's not a problem to do so, and I'm happy to have more time revising it and the like. It's been to sensitivity readers, and has gone through one stage of betas, and I'm in the midst of applying those changes now.


This hasn't even started yet but I wasn't expecting to do so because I wouldn't have a spot to revise it until November, and that is still the plan, but instead to have two revision projects until the next editing cycle starts. It's looking likely that this will be put off for publication to 2024 because of issues with time and the like with my dev editor.


This isn't finished, but I'm over 200 books and had to increase it to 400, and I'm *still* over 20 books ahead of my goal, so I foresee this one happening easily, unless something drastic happens!


This is done! I finished both of these in April and I was really happy with how they turned out. I'm looking forward to diving into revision with both at some point in the future.


I've half started this one in that I've started writing both projects in May and am on target to finish them in November, though I have no idea what I'll be writing next!

7. START BOOKS 41 & 42

Not started, and not sure what these two will be, but that's something I'll be thinking about in October time ready for a start in November!


I've done this wth every writing session so I'm happy to check this one off as continually completed!


I've also kept up with this, posting every Thursday and keeping on top of filming in advance. I even managed to treat myself to a ring light and new webcam so the quality is even better!


I've had at least one day off every month, most months I have two, but with February being a short month, it takes a bit to eek out that one day off!


I've not missed a week all year and I'm fully booked for Friday posts until October, so I can't see this one not being done. I've also been writing my blog posts at the end of every month, and again, haven't missed a day so that's a good thing!


I do love doing my spreads. I put on a playlist, slip in my airpods and activate the noise cancelling and just have a lot of fun doing it. I have done seven spreads this year, and I'm happy with that!


So far this has been an easy one to complete, to the point where I might not set this goal for 2023 because it's so naturally part of my routine now that it's not hard to stretch to reach it. We'll see how I feel in December!


This hasn't been done, and to be honest, I don't know if it will be done. 2022 has been hard for me energy and health wise, so I'm not sure I'm going to have a chance to do any collabs this year, either on my channel or off them. We'll see how things go.


This also hasn't been done. Slow internet, lack of a good sleep schedule, all of it sounds like excuses, but just have made it harder for me to get this one pinned down. It might happen, it might not. We'll see what the rest of the year brings us!

So there we go, I think I'm doing pretty well so far for the year, but there will be some hurdles to get over to get the remaining things done. How are you doing on your yearly goals?

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments!

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Friday 8 July 2022

Review of The Tale Of The Tarot by DJ Schneider

Her destiny lies in the cards…

Fifteen-year-old Melanie Simpson uncovers a secret her father held for twenty years—material he smuggled out from a crashed UFO near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and has hidden somewhere. Now he is dead, killed by a Russian spy who was after it. Her father never gave it up, and Melanie has now found it, and along with it, the interest of dangerous men and their organizations who will do anything to get this valuable material from her.

She also learns of a device, still hidden away somewhere, that was given to her father by a dying alien at the Roswell site. In a letter left behind for her he tells of a quest, and that if she is reading this letter, he must be dead and it is now up to her to finish it.

She knows the device must have something to do with the quest, but where is it? With the help of her boyfriend Frankie, and friends Beanie and Katch, she searches for clues, all while facing the dangers of those after the alien material.
Then, during a tarot card reading she learns there is even more to what is happening to her, much more—a link to the stars and a destiny revealed within the cards.

Set against the historical backdrop of UFO sightings, events, and government cover-ups of the time, Melanie is driven toward that destiny, and with each step she falls deeper into a world of lies, deceit, oubts about her sanity, real danger, and even possible death.


My Review: 4 STARS

I picked this up because the cover and blurb made me think that I’d love it, and they didn’t lead me wrong. I adored Mel, and the mystery surrounding both the debris and her father, family, and everything else. My one complaint was it felt like you were reading the second in a series, with an important chunk of the story having already happened before this one begins. I’d have liked more detail of those events rather than recapping as if there was a first book missed. Overall, I did love the twists and turns, the intrigue, the possibilities of more to come, and that ending almost killed me. I loved it, and it was a good solid read!

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Tuesday 5 July 2022


Tara doesn't know who's sending her notes, but she doesn't want to cause a fuss if it's nothing...


[ID: A blue & black background, with the title DYING THOUGHTS - FIFTH SECRET at the top and Out now in ebook, paperback & audiobook just above the excerpt. The except reads:

“Let’s not jump the gun. I’ll tell them, but you know what my dad’s like. He’ll get in the armed police and an armed bodyguard to follow me everywhere before I even show him the notes.”
Kaolin seemed to think about that and then sighed. “Okay, so you have a point on that front, but if you get any more, you *need* to tell your dad or at least, Mike!”
“Mike will tell my Dad,” I said, simply. “I just wanted you advice, not a lecture.”
“My advice is to tell someone. These notes suggest they know your secret, who knows who that could be!”

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Monday 4 July 2022

Talking Through Ideas & Hiccups - The Creative Process


I know we've all experienced that need to talk plot things through with people, and I know it's widely known that half the time you think up the solution while discussing and laying it out for people, but I still thought it would be a good topic for me to cover. After all, there are time when discussing through the ideas works, and other times when the hiccups that come along with plotting and such, need more nuance than just talking it through with someone.

In all my years as a writer, I have found that sometimes a good talk with a trusted friend is all you need to get the plot holes sorted. I've talked to multiple friends, but the two that really put up with it the most are my best friends, B and Kim. Both of them have experience with my writing, and writing in general and they both offer unique outputs as to what I should or shouldn't be doing. Kim, being a developmental editor, is more looking for how it effects the story as a whole. While B, being a line editor and avid reader, will hear me out and point out bits and pieces that might work. Both have helped me work out issues with my work, but in different ways.

I know the rubber duck solution for coders has been talked about a lot. The idea that just talking things out, explaining them to someone, or a rubber duck, aloud, can be enough to get those threads and ideas to pop up and allow you to sort the problem yourself. It's a valuable tool, and while I have been known to discuss them all with my cats, they don't give the ideas that my friends do.

So what do you need to do if you're stuck, blocked, or have a plot hole that you don't know how to fill, but aren't yet at the stage where you can hire an editor or send it over to a critique partner or the like? Cats are a good option, but as I said, they don't really offer much in advice. I have found that close friends, or family who have some idea what you write and where you might be trying to go, are the best option for me. While some people might have CPs who will be a goldmine of thoughts, and plot savers, I usually only send my book off when I've had the chance to read through it a few times, but if this works for you, there's certainly nothing wrong with it.
I do have a couple of tips though for when to start talking through things, and how to go about it!


If you've hit a block and you're not a planner of any kind, then it might be the right time to either have your CP read through what you have so far, or talk the whole plot with a friend or family member who is going to be able to offer you their valuable and honest opinion, that last one is the most important. After all you don't want to go to someone whose only comment is that it's amazing and wonderful and you should just keep writing. That doesn't actually help you or the book, so you need to be talking it through with someone who will actually help you with their thoughts.

When it comes to these parts of the process, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, or feel like you can't think of the answer. It's then that CPs play a massive part, because that's what they're there for. You need to be reaching out to them and asking, again, for genuine and honest feedback. It might be that you find something along the way that helps you solve a massive plot issue, and if that's the case, be sure to thank them, because they deserve it!

These are another great source for talking through ideas and hiccups. They may not have all the answers, but if you have a good relationship with your betas, it might be that they're willing to discuss a plot hole and offer some hints or suggestions of how to change to for the better. All of the people you can approach need to be ones that will give you an honest answer. You don't need smoke blown up your butt, just the truth and maybe a nudge in how to fix it. And then you're golden!

So those are my thoughts on the matter, what's your thinking about talking through ideas and such? Lemme know in the comments!

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Friday 1 July 2022

Review of Jade, Daughter Of The Wasteland by Stephen JC Andes

They called it the Twitch. It decimated the world’s adult population and forced survivors to endure the savage dangers it left behind. But that was fifteen years ago…

Headstrong, sword-wielding survivor, Jade, wanders The Wasteland in search of her kidnapped brother. Her quest pits her against feral children, diseased Twitchers, and plague-mask wearing warlords bent on reclaiming their rule, all for the sake of reuniting her family.

With the aid of The Librarian, the de facto ruler of the Wasteland, Jade uncovers the truth about her brother. She must confront her past and face hard choices about those she loves and those who demand her loyalty. When new violence and bloodshed threaten to destroy The Wasteland, Jade must choose her side wisely. Will she die in battle when the war comes to the Library? Or will she overcome her past and seize her role in rebuilding humanity's future to rise as a daughter of the wasteland.


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because both the blurb and the cover called to me. In the times we live in, I worried it would be a bit too much virus dystopian, but actually found I was pleasantly surprised. There were elements of the story that talked of our times, but it soon became clear this was another kind of story. I adored Jade and all the other characters, falling in love with Andes story telling. The arcs, the character growth, the world building and everything else within the book were excellently crafted. I would love for there to be more in this series, and as a lover of apocalyptic stories this hit the spot nicely. Very much recommended! 

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