Friday 8 July 2022

Review of The Tale Of The Tarot by DJ Schneider

Her destiny lies in the cards…

Fifteen-year-old Melanie Simpson uncovers a secret her father held for twenty years—material he smuggled out from a crashed UFO near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 and has hidden somewhere. Now he is dead, killed by a Russian spy who was after it. Her father never gave it up, and Melanie has now found it, and along with it, the interest of dangerous men and their organizations who will do anything to get this valuable material from her.

She also learns of a device, still hidden away somewhere, that was given to her father by a dying alien at the Roswell site. In a letter left behind for her he tells of a quest, and that if she is reading this letter, he must be dead and it is now up to her to finish it.

She knows the device must have something to do with the quest, but where is it? With the help of her boyfriend Frankie, and friends Beanie and Katch, she searches for clues, all while facing the dangers of those after the alien material.
Then, during a tarot card reading she learns there is even more to what is happening to her, much more—a link to the stars and a destiny revealed within the cards.

Set against the historical backdrop of UFO sightings, events, and government cover-ups of the time, Melanie is driven toward that destiny, and with each step she falls deeper into a world of lies, deceit, oubts about her sanity, real danger, and even possible death.


My Review: 4 STARS

I picked this up because the cover and blurb made me think that I’d love it, and they didn’t lead me wrong. I adored Mel, and the mystery surrounding both the debris and her father, family, and everything else. My one complaint was it felt like you were reading the second in a series, with an important chunk of the story having already happened before this one begins. I’d have liked more detail of those events rather than recapping as if there was a first book missed. Overall, I did love the twists and turns, the intrigue, the possibilities of more to come, and that ending almost killed me. I loved it, and it was a good solid read!

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