Friday 31 December 2021

Review of Demon Pride by Ingrid Seymour

Screwing up isn't new for me, but getting possessed by Lucifer's son takes the prize.

I’m Lucia Sunder, and I’ve snatched an apprentice spot at the League of Demon Hunters. Score!

I want to move quickly up the ranks, so when I overhear that a demon has been spotted in Grand Central Station, I’m determined to quell it.

But what I find when I get there is totally unexpected. Who knew demons could be so sexy? He’s a delightful sin wrapped up in Armani.

Give me a break!

As I pull out my Quelling Sword, I quickly realize I’m in over my head. He’s no ordinary demon. He’s the son of Lucifer, Drevan Morningstar, the future King of Hell.

The next thing I know, I’m possessed by him, and the League of Demon Hunters is out to kill me.

Drevan says he’s on a mission to save humanity—yeah, right!—and lucky me, he has decided I’ll be his helper. He promises to go back to hell once we succeed. But how am I supposed to help him when demon hunters are determined to stick their Quelling Swords right through my heart?

Yet, I have no other choice. I need to work with the devil and hope I won’t lose my soul in more ways than one.

My Review: 5 STARS

I’ve read other books in the Sunderverse, and the cover and blurb of this one intrigued me so I dived right in.  I loved the world building, it was so rich and clear with the characters and the lore being the League of Demon Hunters. I adored Lucia as a protagonist and loved reading her journey, going through the highs and lows along the way, and that ended in punched me in the stomach! I am desperate to know more and will be following this series from now on. Another great book by Seymour and highly recommended! 

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Tuesday 28 December 2021



Everything is changing, and the battles keep on coming, but Lock won't give up the fight...


 [ID: A grey/blue background with the title LIGHTS OFF at the top and Out now in ebook and paperback just below it. The except reads:

It was weird how quickly everything changed. One minute we were all celebrating and the next we were back to work. I barely had a chance to catch my breath before we were back in the trenches and fighting the next battle.

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Monday 27 December 2021

5 Facts About My Current WIP: The Lying Truth


I recently started two new projects for NaNoWriMo in November, and so I thought that I would give you five facts about them, starting with The Lying Truth, which is a young adult contemporary/paranormal romance, depending on who you ask. It's my first standalone for a number of years and I'm really enjoying writing it.

So without further ado, lemme jump into these five facts!


Eva Torrent is the main character in this book, and there's one thing you'll know about her off the bat. She's a liar, she's honest about being so, but it's always been her way of not feeling so alone. Her parents work all the hours they can to keep the heat and lights on, and Eva is very much a loner. It's only been this past week when she lied about her mum getting a new job that she's released something weird is happening, her lies are coming true, and it doesn't seem to matter who she says it too, her parents have new jobs, they live in a nicer house and she's suddenly best friends with the most popular girl in school, all because of lies she told.

Because of her lies coming true, Eva ends up in a relationship with the hottest guy in school. Only she realises what that means, she doesn't want to have lied herself into a relationship, it's creepy, it's wrong, and she really hoped that he'd like her for her, as in a genuine connection not brought about by her lies. Bradley, her boyfriend says he noticed her before, but Eva can't work out if that's a real memory or a false one, and it's tearing her apart.


It's only been a week since the lies started coming true, but in her mind, that's way too long. Swearing to herself to only be honest from now on, Eva is trying to keep hold of the friendships that may have started out as false, but have become real. She's well aware of the changes she's made along the way to her life, to people she cares about, and to reality itself.


While she managed to lie herself into the popular crowd, none of the others really seem to want to know Eva. She and Lacey are close, but Eva doesn't know how true that is, whether it's real or a fabrication from her lies. It seems like only she can remember the real memories mingled in with the false ones. Enter Case, another kinda loner in her year, they seem to understand that things aren't what they seem, and have been a true friend to Eva. The only problem is, that Eva isn't sure if Case actually remembers the real stuff, or if they've just gotten close because of sharing lessons. Either way Eva is in over her head.


While she could admit that she lied, and undo all the lies she's told, it's not just her life that effects. Her parents, her friends, her boyfriend, and she's not sure if she's strong enough to let all of that go without some kind of idea about what it would do. Eva is basically struggling to keep her head above water and has no idea what to do next.

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments!

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Friday 24 December 2021

Review of Summer’s Lost by Kristy Brown

Deep down, Summer knows something important is missing. Something her head can’t remember, but her heart won’t let her forget. Alex must find her before his people do. With no-one at his side, and a black-eyed enemy from the past hunting them, can he put all feelings aside and fight for the girl he loves once again? Their fate is already written. The prophecy is already set. Is love between them impossible?


My Review:  5 STARS

I picked this up having read the first book and desperate to know what happened next. I was hooked back into the story from the first page, the idea that Summer could maybe have something resembling a normal life, while Alex remembers everything but only wants to keep Summer safe. It was engaging and thrilling as we went through the various twists and turns. The book had me hooked and I only paused when I absolutely had to sleep, and next morning was diving back in to finish it. I love this story and love the series, it’s one I’ll be keeping an eye on and reading more of. Overall an amazingly brilliant paranormal romance that I very much recommend!

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Tuesday 21 December 2021



Jessie can't help but notice the girl in the canteen, but she has no idea why she hates her...


 [ID: A red background with the title CRAMPING CHRONICLES: THE FIRST TWINGE at the top and Out now in ebook and paperback just below it. The except reads:

As our eyes met again, I couldn’t help but smile back, a warmth filling me just for a heart beat, lifting my hand to wave, before she cut me down with a glare.
She looked royally pissed off, and I didn’t have the first clue why.

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Monday 20 December 2021

My Plantsing Ways - The Creative Process


As you may know, I am a neither a full planner nor a full panster when it comes to drafting and writing in general. I need some kind of outline, however slim it may be, to be able to guide me through the story, though I don't plan in detail, and I do generally end up pantsing a lot of the drafting itself.

I thought that today I would give you some idea of what it's like for me as a planster, and how I work, and why I work the way I do. I know there has been a lot of talk in the writing community about being either one or the other, but to be honest I think most people are a mixture of the two. While there are some rare unicorns who are full on one or the other, the majority of writers have some element of each to their process.

So I'm going to break it down into the two categories: what I plan, and what I pants, and give you some details on each along the way!

-> I don't generally focus on word count, but do a chapter a day, and because of this, I need to know what happens in each chapter so that I don't have to worry too much about what I'm going to write. This stops me from getting writer's block and it also allows me to explore the story in my own way. Before I start writing, I will write out a chapter plan, with bullet points for each chapter and what I want to happen in it. Usually this is a sentence at most, but sometimes it ends up a little lengthier.

-> I plan my characters to a point. I make sure that I have their name, age, description and such, as well as any points that really stick out to me during the planning phase. Sometimes they spring fully formed in my mind, other times they end up a little distant and that's something that I need to work out more during drafting.

-> I plan my revisions, when I finish drafting, I will read through the book, a few months later, and make a detailed outline of what's happening when. This allows me to catch any errors and any plot holes, so that I can make the changes as I revise. It can take me up to three read throughs to get everything I need though.


-> While I will always have some idea from the chapter plan, there will be times during the drafting process where I go off plan, exploring a plot point that I've discovered along the way. This can lead to problems in the revision stage which is why I do the outlining then, so that I've made sure that I've tied up all the loose threads that I left while drafting.

-> I plan the main characters, but sometimes, like I said above, they don't really show themselves to me until I'm in the thick of drafting, and that's when the nuances and quirks of their personality will come through. I work out what kind of person they are, what they want, what their goal is, and all of that during the drafting phase. This can lead to issues where the first few chapters of the book don't match the rest, but I also edit as I go, so those are usually caught by then.

-> I pants the subplots. While I will, sometimes, have thought of them in advance, other times it's more important to me to find them along the way. Yes, this might lead to them being a little rushed or the like, but that's why I do the detailed outline when revising.

So there we go, those are my ways of planning and pantsing when it comes to drafting and revising a novel. By the time the book gets to the editing stage, I'm pretty solid in the story, and where it's going, as well as the characters, so it's easier to make changes based on that.

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments!

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Friday 17 December 2021

Review of Holiday Blues by Sara Breaker

Snowed in at school over Christmas. What else is there to do? Maybe fall in love with the guy you least expected? Too bad he's dating your roommate...

College junior Ashleigh De Luca has always been happy to go with the flow. Not one to call attention to herself, she's a firm believer in keeping her head down, doing the work, following the plan.

Until one Christmas break when the plan is shot to heck as heavy snow grounds all flights and she's stuck at the school dorms with her flighty roommate Wanda.

And Wanda has all kinds of plans for vacation. Such as bagging the hottest jock in school just because her dull, long-suffering boyfriend Locky is miles away.

But surprise! Locky decides to drop in for a visit and is knocking on the door. It's up to Ashleigh to run interference.

Except dull Locky is not so dull anymore. In fact, one look from his intense, puppy dog eyes makes Ashleigh want to step way, way out of her comfort zone.

So exactly who's going to distract whom?


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because it sounded like a sweet read. I jumped in and ended up finishing it all in one sitting, it was a nice fast read that just gets you in the mood for the holidays. Ash is a delightful character and watching her try and navigate the story without standing up for herself just makes it even more enjoyable. The characters were relatable and engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A delightful sweet holiday romance and one that I would very much recommend!

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Tuesday 14 December 2021



Hayley has a mission, and she won't let anyone stop her from pulling it off...


 [ID: A grey smokey with the title LIGHTS ON at the top and Out now in ebook and paperback just below it. The except reads:

For the past seven days, since her escape from the base on Raildown, Hayley Lightson had been on a mission. She’d always had a plan to escape, ready for the day they came for her. Her contacts had gotten her as far as the border to Evendown, and it seemed that her ruse had worked.

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Monday 13 December 2021

The Trials Of An Indie Author: A Year Off Editing


As you all know, I was supposed to release a second book in October, but back in March I decided to take the year off, having decided that the book needed more time to cook and I needed a break from the rigours of editing. It was purely a personal decision, but I also know that a lot of the time, the feeling is, especially in the indie world, that we have to keep pushing to release and release and release, or risk losing our readership.

I wouldn't agree that's true, while I am still very much a small fish in the indie world, I have kept my readership through numerous hiccups along the way, and this time wasn't any different. I still have people looking forward to the book, which will be the second in the Cramping Chronicles series, and I'm still planning on going back to editing in April of 2022.

However, there is something to be said for taking a break. I was close to burned out, struggling to see the forest for the trees, and even at some points, was thinking about giving up on writing altogether. Now it wasn't anything to do with the editors, it was all me having pushed myself in 2019 to release three books and then while I dropped back to two in 2020, that year was hell for a lot of us. At the end of it all, come 2021 I was ready for a break.

I'm not one of those writers who enjoys the editing process. I never have been, and so for me, it's especially draining and I do find it hard to go through. My editing process is about five long months of back and forth with developmental, line, and finally a proofreader. It's a lot of work to take on, and because of taking that break, I've been able to refine my revision process, and work better at making sure the book is in a better place. I've also been able to spend time revising the next book in line to be edited, which has helped some of my stress levels there as well.

It's not been an easy couple of years for anyone, with the pandemic still ongoing, and on a personal note, some family stress and also being diagnosed with a new chronic condition, I've felt like I had too many balls in the air so to speak and that I had to drop some or else I was going to crash out completely. So I made the decision to take this past year and I have to say that I've not regretted it since. I even took October off revisions entirely so that I could have my first holiday in a long while.

So what have I learned during this time? Well, a couple of things, and also some small things along the way!


This was something huge for me because I really was hearing that I needed to be releasing twice a year at least, to be able to stay relevant. I agonised over the decision to drop my second release, and while I had moments of doubt, whether this meant that I'd failed at being an indie author, or whether I would be able to come back as strong as I had before, I soon learned by the reaction to the news, that it wasn't a failure. It was just a break, and breaks are okay to take, no matter where you are in the publishing process.


I love working with my editors, and don't have a bad word to say about any of them, but sometimes you do need to pause and catch your breath, work out how to keep moving forward, and take that time to refill your creative well and get a chance to look at the project with fresh eyes. I've spent the past few months revising a different project, while also checking in with Second Pang ready to go to the editor in April. It's given me the distance I needed to be able to look at it more objectively and work out what works, and what doesn't. I've even had time to think about it so much that I've caught things that might've popped up in the editing, and are now already fixed.

Along the way I've worked out what I don't like about the editing process, I've worked out how to better cope with those aspects, and I've talked to my editors and we've been able to work on how to make everything better for everyone involved. Without that time away, it would've just been another five months of high stress for me, and I'd have ended up burned out completely.

So, while I won't be going back into edits until April, I feel like I've learned a lot about how I work and why I work that way. I may not ever actually enjoy editing, but I do feel more equipped to deal with things going forward, and that's not a bad thing.

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments!

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Friday 10 December 2021

Review of Summer's End by Kristy Brown

She wakes up in the hospital, badly burned with no identity.
He’s been trained to kill her before she burns the world to ashes.
When they finally meet, will he be able to take her life now that he’s started to feel for her?
His fate is already written.
The prophecy is already set.
Love between them is forbidden.


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because the cover called to me, the blurb was enough to intrigue me and I was in the mood for a different kind of paranormal romance. I ended up losing myself in the book and reading it all in one sitting. I even picked up the second in the series because I was desperate to know what happens next. The story is engaging from the first page, secrets, intrigue and twists a plenty and not the usual kind of paranormal romance. I adored Summer and Dooney, and I can’t wait to see where their story takes them next. Overall, an amazing read, and one that I recommend!

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Tuesday 7 December 2021




Everything comes to an end eventually, and with everything going on Tara is just living her life...


 [ID: A waterfall background with the title DYING THOUGHTS - EIGHTH ENDING at the top and Out now in ebook and paperback just below it. The except reads:

“Yes, teachers, they seem to think we should stay for the whole lesson,” he joked. I chuckled and my grin got wider. “We going back to yours?”
“I er… I dunno. I think my dad has another agent to interview, so it might be all clear or he might be doing it at home.”
“And we do have a date later,” he said.
“We do. I believe someone suggested dinner and a movie?”
“He did. So what time?”
“Shall we say about six? Dad’s gotten a bit weird about me being out too late, so dinner might have to be the drive-thru at McD’s.”

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Monday 6 December 2021

The Trials Of A Crime Writer: Off The Wall Twists


I've been writing crime for a number of years now. My first book, Blackout, was very much a thriller, and because of that I've written some weird and wonderful twists along the way as well. Personally, when I read a thriller, I want a twist I didn't see coming, but not one that comes outta the left field and makes you feel like it doesn't actually make sense. It's one of the reasons that the ending for a thriller is very hard to pull off, no matter how much books you've read and/or written on the subject.

So how do you, in my mind, pull off a twist? I'm glad you asked! I'm gonna give you some tips, some do's and don'ts and see if they can help you while plotting, or writing, your own thriller/crime story.

I feel like this is a huge thing. If you're leading up to a twist, there should be, no matter how minor, some kind of foreshadowing for what's coming. If you know that you're gonna have this character be the killer, then you need to make sure there are some hints along the way that maybe an astute reader will pick up on. What you don't want to do is having it turn out to be someone who you didn't even really give hints to. That just blows the twist I think.

As far as red herrings go, you can have more than one, but when reading, I like to know that there's more than one particular character who could be the bad guy. You don't want to have so many that everyone is confused, but enough that you might be leading the reader down one path, while also setting things up for the bad guy's big reveal at the end. I've seen this done really well, where I am one hundred percent sure it's a certain character and then it turn out that they're innocent and there's a reasonable explanation for all the red herrings along the way.


If you know that you're in the lead up to the big showdown, then you need to make sure that you pick your moment to do that big reveal. Too soon and it kills the tension, too late, and it feels off, and it can lead to ruining the ending.

I like to do my big reveals when I feel the characters are all in the right place emotionally as well as physically. Sometimes in my first draft it can come off a bit rushed, but then, having worked out the beats of the story, I'll be able to go back and revise it so that it all works out, and the pacing is right too. I recently finished a trilogy and I found that the majority of the ending worked perfectly, while there was a part that needs a little bit of a lead up in the first two books, but that's fixable, so don't worry too much if you don't get it right first time!

I've read thrillers and crime books with certain twists that have made sense, if the character had a different motive. Sometimes you'll have a massive twist, but it doesn't really match the motive of the bad guy, it just kinda feels like the author wanted to use this twist but hadn't really thought it through. If you want to have the ending that packs a punch, then you need to make sure the motive behind whatever crime, matches the twist and the actions of the characters involved.

For example, having someone go on a revenge spree, killing those that wronged them, is fine, but if you're big twist is that it's actually someone somewhat related to the wronged party, the two don't really match up and that just leaves readers feeling a little deflated and let down because of it. So examine your motives and work out what's going to happen when you get to that twist.

So there we go, those are my tips on twists in thrillers and crime, and like I said, I've read a ton of these, and usually find myself surprised by the twist at the end. Sometimes it'll be a good surprise, and sometimes it won't be, but keeping these things in mind will help you write a thriller that has people turning the pages desperate to know what's going to happen next, and give you a twist that packs a good punch.

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments!

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Friday 3 December 2021

Review of Fake Notes by Gracie Graham

Thorne Roberts is a Hollywood Adonis.

America's teen heartthrob.

Just another raven-haired, sharp-jawed, entitled bad-boy celebrity with a pretty face. Everything I detest.

So when he comes into my family's place of business and makes demands, I shut him down.

But now my parents are being sued, and it's my fault. Their business and my future are at stake. So when he stares at me with those brilliant green eyes and proposes a fake relationship to get him out of trouble and save my parent's bakery from inevitable demise, I say yes.

After all, how hard can it be?

All I have to do is fake-date America's hottest Hollywood star without getting feelings involved.

No biggie.

There's only one problem: He's not quite the wild child the media makes him out to be. He's actually kind of broken and . . . sweet.


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up having read the first in the series and desperate to see what lay in store for Thorne and Scarlett. I adored the start, loving the way the story jumped into action, and gave us a glimpse of the way Scarlett is, and also how Thorne acts. I breezed through the story in one sitting as I was desperate to know what would become of the pair of them. My heart was filled with joy as the story progressed and I loved the characters and how relatable they were. An amazing sweet romance and one that I would very much recommend!

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Thursday 2 December 2021

Author Tag: Winter Tag [CC]

Revisiting an older tag today and talking about the characters in Second Pang! #Authortube





ICE: Which of your characters is likely to slip and slide?
SNOW: Which of your characters would be the first out there to build a snowman?
FIREPLACE: Who likes to snuggle up with a book and a nice warm fire?
HOT CHOCOLATE: Who takes charge of what to do on a cold day?
SNOWFLAKES: Who doesn't mind the cold and who would prefer to live on a tropical island away from it?
HOLIDAY SWEATERS: Who would wear the most ridiculous holiday sweater?
PRESENTS: Who buys the most thoughtful presents?
BAH HUMBUG: Who doesn't celebrate or get into the season and why?
YULE: Which two are most alike, but wouldn't agree with you saying so?
MOTHER IGGY: Who would be the mother figure, the wise mentor or just the mamafriend in your story and why?
MISTLETOE: Who is a double edged sword type of character? Healing to some and poisonous to others?
LONGEST NIGHT: Which character is more likely to withstand all the downs of an antagonistic force and still keep up hope for the brighter days?
NORTHERN LIGHTS: Which character is the colourful spirit who lights up everyone else during the dark and longer nights?




Tuesday 30 November 2021



Lock believes in the system, until she starts to realise it's rigged...


 [ID: A light blue background with the title LIGHTS OUT at the top and Out now in ebook and paperback just below it. The except reads:

“We’ve got Jonathon Baker, but he’s also got his granddaughter with him, don’t know how old she is, too little for this that’s for sure. I promised him a quiet corner. You think you can manage that?” I asked her.
“Sure thing, Lock, I’ll take good care of him,” she replied as she walked beside me.
I wheeled back over to the desk and introduced them. “This is going to be your nurse for the event, Clara, she’s a good one and she’ll make sure all your needs are met. May your sleep be ever peaceful,” I said to Jonathon as Clara caught the eye of Sadie.

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Monday 29 November 2021

Authortube: The Community


I will have been on Authortube for five years in January. It's closer to six, but the first year of my videos are long gone because I just didn't like them. The sound was terrible, the editing worse, thumbnails also terrible, and I just didn't want to have them on my channel anymore. However, I have been doing better editing and such since, and so I look back on the videos from the start and I realise that while it took me a long time to work out what I was doing, I'm doing pretty okay these days.

The one great thing about Authortube has to be the community around in, within in, not just fellow writers, but readers and others who just like the content that Authortube produces. It took me a long time to find that community, but that was more because I was doing things wrong, not that it's hard to find. You have the big name channels, sure, but you also have a lot of smaller channels that are there to help cheer you on in whatever way that may be. The plus to that is there are always new channels popping up, or ones that I hadn't found before, and now have. It's a great experience, and an amazing thing to be part of.

I may still only be a small fish, in that I have just over 500 subs, but I like the people who come back to my channel, week after week, and add their comments. I love getting to sit down every morning and catch up with whoever has posted the previous day. I have my own routine when it comes to who posts when and while I don't watch absolutely every video, I do very much enjoy getting to know other writers, and getting to see their process whether they plan or not, whether they want to be trad pub, indie pub, or a hybrid of the two, it's great to have all these different people from different walks of life, and get to know as much about them as they are willing to share.

There are so many different types of channels out there these days that I guarantee that if you're looking, you'll find a writer who clicks with you, and from there you can find yourself enveloped into their part of the community. There's the straight up writing advice channels, there's the ones that do vlogs and take you along for the journey of their process and what they're up to. There's ones that do a mixture of vlogs and writing advice. There's ones that solely do livestreams and you can find time to chat with them while also getting some work done.

I could go on and on, but my point is that the community on Authortube is so very welcoming. I look at Twitter sometimes and see some of the subtweeting and such that goes on, and I find it a hard space to get into. Don't get me wrong, I have some good people on Twitter and I very much enjoy their posts, but Authortube, for me, feels more like a homely place where we can all gather around and chat writing, life, and everything in between. It's been something that I'm so glad to be a part of.

I have made actual friends because of the Authortube community, I have people around the world that I feel like I can talk writing with, and reach out to, and it's because of the community that I found my small circle or people that I feel at home with writing wise. So if you're looking to make the jump to creating videos, I can't recommend Authortube enough. Even if you just want to watch and engage with the content, the same applies. It's a great space to be a part of.

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments below.

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Friday 26 November 2021

Review of Forty-Two Minutes by Janay Harden

 It wasn’t until she held his remains that she knew she was in big trouble.

Indigo Lewis is counting down the days until high school graduation. As editor of the high school newspaper, she's put in her time and hopes it's enough to get her away from her troubled family life. Her father is constantly struggling to pay the bills and her mother is locked away in a mental hospital. Even with an after school job it doesn't seem like she will ever get enough money together to go to college.

Jaxon Green is a kid of wealth and privilege — but with a secret.

Used to gliding his way through life, he offers Indigo a simple deal: write a newspaper blog to help him get into college and he will use his family's wealth and connections to get her into college too. He promises it will be a no-strings attached deal to get them both what they want after high school. Always used to pushing the envelope, Jaxon uses his position of power to get Indigo caught up in increasingly uncomfortable requests and eventually black mails her.

As her deal with Jaxon spirals out of control, Indigo also learns shocking secrets about her family and begins to lose her grip with reality, and with it — her mental health.

With voices inside her head growing louder by the day, can she escape the fate of her family and allure of murder?


My Review:  5 STARS

I picked this up because the cover and blurb spoke to me, and I was in for a hell of a ride. The starting chapters hooked me to the point where I had to force myself to close the book to sleep, and from there I wanted to know everything I could about Indigo, and her journey. The characters were well-rounded, relatable, engaging and made you want to root for them. I adored the mystery woven between the words and that ending had me gasping. I can not wait for book two, and this is an author to follow! Highly recommended!

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Tuesday 23 November 2021



It's Tara's first proper relationship, and she's still learning how to do things...


 [ID: A light blue background with the title DYING THOUGHTS - SEVENTH DEATH at the top and Out now in ebook and paperback just below it. The except reads:

“I wish they would stop spending money on crap and actually fix the fucking heating,” I said, thinking back to my earlier observations.
“I love it when you swear,” Nate said, his smile showing off his dimple.
“Ummm,” I said, desperate to think of something to say, anything would do. So long as it didn’t make me look like a love struck teen who needed to take some time and learn more vocabulary. “Thanks?”

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Monday 22 November 2021

Spoonie Writer: Taking It One Day At A Time


One thing that I learned very early on as a spoonie was that you had to take things one day at a time. There would be days when I would feel great, the pain and fatigue would be low, and my lungs would behave and then I'd get a chance to do the things I wanted to do. I was always careful not to overdo it, but something that happened and the flare up that came would knock me back. That said, there were other days when I hadn't overdone it, and was just wiped out no matter how much resting I did, and that's just the life of having a chronic illness. You learn to go between the ups and downs and make the most of them all.

When it came to writing, the same can be applied. As a spoonie and a writer, I knew that it was a careful juggling act to work out when to push, when to hold back, and when it was time to call it a day and just rest. I've been very fortunate in that I have all the time in the world to do what I want to do. I've found, through trial and error, a way that works for me, and because of that I generally know what I'll be doing one day to the next.

However, there are still times when a flare of something will hit me out of the blue, and I'll have to slowly crawl my way back up to the usual level of work that I do. That's why I wanted today to talk about the whole idea of taking it one day at a time as a writer, and as an author. So much emphasis, online and off, is placed on being productive, the idea that our worth is tied to how productive we are, how much money we make and so on, and in my mind that's simply not a way to do things.

I did a video on Auhorube about Hustle Culture (video here) and while I was nervous to share it, a lot of the comments were people very much agreeing with me. As a spoonie there's this idea that we can be 'good enough' if we push ourselves to get the same amount of work as an able bodied person, and again, that's not right. There is nothing wrong with taking things one day at a time. Sure you'll, hopefully, have good days where you can get a lot of stuff done in a short amount of time, but those aren't the norm, and that's okay.

I have never been someone who wanted to be an inspiration in the disability and chronic illness sense. I know that a lot of people admire the way I get things done, the level of organisation that I apply to most areas of my life, but at the same time, I feel like I need to be clear. None of this happened overnight. For a long time when I first started writing, over twenty years ago now, I had to work to a different kind of schedule, in that I didn't have one.

There were days, in those early years, where I felt like I wouldn't ever finish my book, that I wouldn't ever get to the point where I had more than one book under my belt. I worked hard, don't get me wrong, but when your body is actively fighting against you, it's a battle that you can't always win. Back in those days I was usually in hospital like clockwork every two weeks. I would spend that time as an inpatient and then another week recovering, before I'd be able to dedicate a little time to writing before the next exacerbation would land me back in the hospital.

It was slow going, and while my health has gotten better in some ways, and worse in others, I know that I'm very lucky to be able to manage the way I do these days. And even then, sometimes a flare hits and there's little else that I can do about it. So, if you're new to writing, or new to chronic illness, or both, and you're beating yourself up over the fact that you're not managing a lot in a short space of time, be kind to yourself, remember that it will take time, and there's nothing wrong with that.

As my editor, Kim, once said to me: it takes as long as it takes, and that's okay.

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments down below.

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Friday 19 November 2021

Review of Stop My Bleeding Heart by Victoria Anders

When I was five, my mother died.
When I was seventeen, my father was murdered.

I try to heal and count down the days to escape from my evil stepmother.
Little do I know, she's also counting down.

On my eighteenth birthday, I find myself orphaned, homeless, and broken-hearted. The only place I can seek shelter is in a home with seven guys.

I’m living in an all new world, making new friends, and unraveling the mysteries of the boys surrounding me.

Can I unravel my own mystery and finally heal from my father’s death, perhaps with a prince charming to stop my bleeding heart?


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because of the cover and the blurb, and dived into it late at night, and found it almost impossible to put down. Jade and her misfortunes on her 18th birthday leading to a romance that slowly builds through the story. I loved the loose take on Snow White, and adored the twists and turns the novel took. It was an engaging, heart warming story and the ending just made me smile even more. An excellent romance and one that I very much enjoyed. Highly recommended!

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Tuesday 16 November 2021



Hetti's first day on the job, and she's off to her first murder scene...


 [ID: A green background with the title WALK A MILE at the top and Out now in ebook and paperback just above it. The except reads:

“So, Fyfe,” Sabrina said. “Let’s go show you your first crime scene.”
She had a wry grin on her face and I saw a glint in her eye. This was another part of her plan to see how well I’d stand up over the coming weeks. I knew that if I fainted or puked at the sight of a dead body, then I was probably never going to live it down. I took a deep breath and followed her and John as they led the way to the scene of my first murder case.

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Monday 15 November 2021

Making Time For Fun - The Creative Process


We are now half-way through NaNoWriMo 2021, and I wanted to do something today that would both help spur you all one, but would also talk about something that's been on my mind a lot recently, and that is making time for fun amidst all the writing.

As you all know, I'm disabled, chronically ill, and I don't really get out much. I write as my job, and I don't have many other commitments when it comes to my time. That said, I don't really have a lot of free time for fun things. There's an occasion where B, my best friend and carer, will be talking about doing something away from home, and being the way I am, I'll usually explain it's a writing day and that I'm busy. It was really only when I went on holiday in October to Cornwall, that I realised how isolated I'd made myself, and how little time I made for fun alongside the writing.

I know that for some people, they can only squeeze writing in between other commitments, and that because they want this to become their day job, they don't want to risk taking time away from that precious writing time to do other things. There's nothing wrong with that, working hard isn't a bad thing. However, never taking time out, never spending some time with friends and family, and never doing something fun that might cut into the writing time is a cause for concern.

I'm pretty lucky that my writing time usually happens first thing in the morning, before everyone else has woken up, and so while away I was able to have two writing days. I thought about doing more, I'd taken along everything I needed to do so, but B, and my mum, were strict. I could write first thing on the two days I'd planned to, but otherwise, this was a break, there were sights to see, and a hot tub calling my name. And they weren't wrong.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the daily grind, either as someone with a day job, or someone who's a full time writer. There's this idea that if we're not working, then we're doing something wrong, we're wasting time, when that couldn't be further from the truth. With a challenge like NaNoWriMo, you'll find that a lot of people are having to squeeze in time around other things so that they can end the month with 50K. It's all well and good for one month out of twelve, but sometimes, I notice that it doesn't stop there.

We are human, we all need breaks. Whether that's spending a week in a cabin in the woods with a hot tub, or whether that's going out and about with friends and family doing things that you also very much enjoy. Whatever the reasoning, it's important to have that downtime and have those breaks, because otherwise we're all going to end up burned out, or worse, hating what we're doing and quitting it altogether.

I've heard enough horror stories of writer and author friends who just get to the end of their tether and up and quit because they just got burned out to the point where telling stories no longer appealed to them. I don't want that to happen to any writer, unless it's what they want, so I'm here to tell you that it's okay to take time off, it's okay to take breaks, it's okay to make time for fun along the way.

Writing is hard, it's isolating, it takes a lot of energy and brain power, and there will be times when you need to push through, but there are more times when taking a break, leaving the writing to sit and heading off to have some time, is the right thing to do. Self-care is not a bad thing, and it's something that I will never tire of saying. You need breaks, the writing will be there when you come back, recharged and ready to pick it back up again. You may even find that you've managed to solve a plot thing, or even come back with more stories to tell.

In the end, having fun is an important part of being a human being, so make time for it, and go out and enjoy yourself.

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments down below.

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