Monday 26 May 2014

Review Post - Cedar Woman by Debra Shiveley Welch

I was asked to review Debra's book CEDAR WOMAN, a story about a Native American family and thought that I would include my review here as well. Here's a bit of info about Debra:

Debra is an Amazon Best Selling Author of four books and the recipient of the Faith Writer’s Gold Seal of Approval and Books & Authors Award of Excellence recipient, Books & Authors Best Non Fiction Book – 2007, All Books Reviews Editor’s Choice 2010 and Books & Authors Best Native American Fiction 2011. Her books include:

Cedar Woman, winner of Books & Authors Best Native American Fiction 2011; four time award winner Son of My Soul – The Adoption of Christopher soon to be available in audio; A Very Special Child, an award winning Best Seller on Amazon America and in English at Amazon Japan, and Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams, Debra’s first novel, co-authored with Linda Lee Greene, an Amazon Best Seller as well.

Currently Debra is working on Woman Who Sees in Both Worlds – Ista Numpa, a sequel to Cedar Woman.
Christopher Meets Buddy, a children’s book about the proper care of a pet bird, will be available soon. Debra can be reached at
Winner of the Best Native American Fiction Award 2011, Cedar Woman is a powerful book filled with courage, romance and the beliefs, ceremonies and language of the Lakota Sioux.

Travel with her to Columbus, Ohio as she rebuilds her life, and the lives of her family. Join her in the sweat lodge as she follows Zitka Mine to the fifth step of the edge of the world to find her father's soul.

Join her at powwow where she meets her half side. Consultant Julie Spotted Eagle Horse, descendant of Chief Spotted Eagle and Crazy Horse.

My review is below:

CEDAR WOMAN is a romantic tale of a young Native American travelling through life to find her other half, her soul-mate. The story starts in the current time and then takes you back through young Lena's life, even further back to her parents story of how they got together. It is an interesting book which uses Native American words (and gives you phonetic spelling and the meaning) and an insight into the culture of the people.

The story is both sad and happy, with tears of joy you see Lena meet the man she thinks makes her whole, and then tears of sadness as he is taken away. You meet all the people relevant in Lena's life from her childhood friends to the people she meets at her first powwow. There is exquisite detail in the rituals of the Native American's and their history and culture.

The book is well written and is, I think, the first in the series, which means there will be more! Something I look forward to very much! Well-written and includes recipes for Native American foods and drinks. Highly recommended to anyone who has an interest in this culture or loves an historical romance. Great book and I hope there will be more!

You can get your own copies of Cedar Woman on Amazon in Kindle or Paperback! You can also follow Debra on Facebook or on her own blog.

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