Monday 6 July 2015


Welcome Guest Blogger, Roy Huff!

Roy approached me asking for a review of one of his books, and since I loved the book, I thought I'd host him here and share the review with you all! Below is a little piece about why he chose the fantasy genre. 

The reason I write YA fiction is because I love it. I love science fiction and fantasy as well and have been heavily influenced by all three genres. I also watch just about every tv show and movie that comes out. This allows me a great escape. I often live in a dream world and play out a multitude of scenarios in my head. That becomes part of the inspiration for when I write. I have also recently taken to writing down my dreams on a daily basis something I used to do when I was a teenager. The broad background in the subject and the frequent daydreaming allows me to sit uninterrupted for hours when I have the time and inclination to write. Due to my hectic schedule, I tend to be a marathon writer and write during my days off, so having played out many plot lines beforehand helps my imagination when I start putting pen to paper.

If you want to know more about Roy, you can follow his blog, find him on Goodreads and other social media sites, or join his mailing list here.

The book I read was the fourth in the Everville series. You can find it here. Below is a synopsis and following that, my review.

Two very different worlds, Easton Falls University and the magical realm of Everville are in dire need of a hero. Owen Sage embarks on an epic journey of monumental proportions to save these worlds all while fighting to keep the world within himself intact. This quest is not for the faint of heart nor is it for the weak of mind—only the bravest will succeed. Discovering the well-kept secret of The Fourth Pillar of Truth is only part of the feat. Owen will have to outwit the ever-powerful villain Governor Jahal and overcome countless other challenges along the way. Amongst all of the dragons, giants and grand chaos, will Owen's acquired skills and wisdom be enough to save both worlds or will peril be the ultimate fate of all?

My review: 5/5 stars - an intriguing tale!

I was approached by the author for an honest review in exchange for a copy of his book. I'm not usually one to read fantasy, but the synopsis of this book made me want to give it a go, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I did find it hard to follow some of the storyline in places because I haven't read the previous three books, but on its own it did tell a good story and I worked out most of what was happening. It tells the story of Everville and follows on from the changes to the time-line made in what I assume to be the previous book. Owen is on the search for the Fourth Pillar of Truth, and treks through Everville to find it.
It is well written, fast paced and certainly held my interest - it had me reading from page one until the end, and I was only able to put it down when I became desperate for sleep. It's a great book and one I would recommend to YA fantasy readers, as the world building is superb and spot on. I enjoyed it immensely and may even end up checking out the previous three and the ones that come after this book. Overall, a good read and well earnt five stars!

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