Tuesday 18 June 2013

Guest Bloggers Wanted!


As you'll all be aware, I have recently been writing pieces that I have classed as "The Creative Process". I have also done a series called "The After Process" and some posts about writing specific characters, all of which can be found here. I have also been doing a lot of promotion on Facebook and have made some great contacts with other writers. I have an interview coming up in a friend's blog and would like to offer the opportunity to have other writers do similar posts on my blog.

If you are a writer, indie or not, and wish to write about one of the topics below, please contact me at bugbooks@virginmedia.com and let me know which topic you have chosen and approximately when the piece will be ready to be published. Feel free to cross-post to your own blog, facebook, website etc. I would like to be able to do one a week, but that will all depend on the response I get. 

The topics are:

-> Dealing with Writer's Block
-> Planning, research and creating
-> The editing process - Ayla Page (here)
-> Indie vs traditional publishing
-> What inspires my writing - Kate Hawkins (here)
-> Writing for my chosen genre(s)

Once I get a request for a topic, I will mark it as taken and link to the guest blogger's own website and/or blog. Some of the topics could be used more than once and it would be interesting to get different takes on them. So, if you're a writer - either published traditionally, self/indie published or even someone who has yet to make the leap, feel free to contact me at bugbooks@virginmedia.com and write a piece.

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