Tuesday 17 June 2014

An important update

Hey Guys!

So, this is a scheduled post that I wrote a while ago, but have only posted now because I wanted to be sure how things were going to go. As the majority of you are aware, I have several chronic conditions. I have never hidden this from any of my readers or other author friends, indie or otherwise. However, one of my conditions has gotten progressively worse and I am now on a new trial drug that is making it hard to keep up with my daily jobs. The trial will last sixteen weeks and I'm on week five right now. There are no guarantees that this will make my breathing easier, but it has showed promise in other patients with my lung issues.

I have sat my final exam for my degree in the past few days and am now able to concentrate solely on book work and a few other hobbies. I have written over the past few weeks a whole heap of blog posts that I will make sure post over the coming weeks. I don't know how long it will take for the side effects to subside, or if they will completely. All I plan to do now is take my time, grab each day as it comes and do what I can. No one can expect any more than that.

I'm writing this because I know that Facebook are limiting who sees my posts, and while this also gets posted to my Tumblr, Goodreads, Twitter and Google+ pages, I want you all to know that I am focusing on the best thing for me, which is to keep breathing so I can keep writing. I plan to do as much as I can to keep you guys in the loop in regards to my upcoming release, as well as let you know how I'm doing. However, I won't be doing as much as I was because the side effects are brutal. So, if you don't see me post on my Facebook or elsewhere, don't think I've disappeared, I'm just taking some time off that day.

As always, if you want to reach me, you can email bugbooks@virginmedia.com and I'll respond when I can! Thank you ALL for your support during this time and I promise that I will be back :D


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