Monday 6 February 2017

The Trials Of An Indie Author - Juggling Writing & Admin


It's been a while since I wrote on this topic, and I thought that for today's Monday post I would touch on juggling both writing and admin work. For a long time now I've been using the Sticky Notes function of windows and have been plotting out my days that way so that I have one thing that needs doing every day. It includes things like book writing, admin work, booktube videos and all the rest. Some days I have a bunch to do and others I leave empty in case I overrun another day.

It really has helped me in getting both organised and juggling the work and the admin duties of being an indie author. I've spoken before about wearing several different hats because of being indie, a piece you can find here, but it's only really been since I got organised that I realised just how much of my time is spent working.

The way I do things now is to stick to the plan. On days when the writing portion of my workday has been easier then I try and get some admin duties done. On days when I have events or other promotional stuff going on, I'll lean off the writing and focus solely on that side of my job. I can easily record a booktube video and edit it, but then on the day it's uploaded, I need to allot a period of time to add the captions before it's published. I balance the two roles pretty well in my opinion, but it can have an effect on how much writing I get done and being that the writing is the best part for me, it can be hard to motivate myself to getting the admin side done at all.

Like today, I was supposed to have a completely admin day, but it didn't work out like that. I wasn't one hundred percent yesterday so I only managed to write two pages of the chapter that was yesterday's work. Today was supposed to be a green day (I colour code, who'd have thought?!) which basically means anything that needs doing that isn't writing has to get done. I have some guest blogs that need putting up ready for when they get posted and I need to chase up a few emails and answer interview questions.

Except now it's a purple day too, so I need to find the time to do a video (done), write a blog piece (doing) and answer some interview questions and chase the emails and then I still need to find time to write those pages. It's gonna be a busy day! The plus side of it is it's not a whole chapter, and I'm pretty sure how it's going to go. My only reason for not doing it yesterday was that my pain levels were creeping up after an earlier start than planned.

People often say they wish they were as organised as I am. It's something that I've always found helpful. If I know what I'm supposed to be doing then I know when I'm done, right? It makes sense to me to work out how to juggle by making lists and a rainbow timetable because then I don't have any horrible surprises or missed deadlines. I'd put it down to being a spoonie, but to be honest I was like this before I really got sick so I think it's just part of who I am.

In the end, I find it easier to work to a list, and in keeping it nice and organised, things don't get missed and the end of the day isn't a rushed hell hole, but of course, your mileage may vary.

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