Friday 10 March 2017

Interview & Review with Jennifer Loiske

Today I am very pleased to welcome Jennifer Loiske to my blog for an interview and a review of her book - Club Number Five. Here's a little bio about Jennifer:

Jennifer Loiske lives in Finland in Naantali, which is a small sunny town on the southwest coast. She is a Teen/YA paranormal fiction author, with four exciting series available worldwide. The McLean Twins series for teen readers, the Immortal Blood series for mature young adult readers, the Blood Hunters series, also for mature young adults, which is a follow-up for the Immortal Blood series and is created by the readers’ requests, and the Shape Shifter series for anyone age 16 and up.
Jennifer’s stories are full of creatures of the night. Vampires, demons, witches, shape shifters… but even if they are mostly fiction you can find a hint of truth in every story. Jennifer loves to research, so every time she gets an idea or a new story she has a crazy Google session, looking for places, old myths, names, folklore, magical items… anything that could spice up her story and make it more real for the readers. Jennifer is also part of Authors For Charity, an international author alliance, and a team member of Epilepsy FI magazine. She is a pre-school teacher by profession.

And now onto the interview!

1. What kind of books do you read for pleasure?
Mostly I just look at my book pile longingly, but when I have time to read, I read paranormal romance books for YA or NA readers, dystopian novels or teen novels. Fantasy… books with vampires, werewolves, shadowhunters, demons or angels…when I find a good author I usually read her/his entire production.

2. What kind of writer are you: plan or not?
Both. Sometimes I plan the plot quite detailed and sometimes I just let go and write whatever comes to mind, even the bad stuff. I never edit the first draft as I write. There’s plenty of time for that with the second, third or even the tenth draft. Yep, I re-write a lot!

3. How does your average writing time go?
Normally I wake up around 8 a.m. and start to write almost immediately. I take a long pause around noon, take my dogs out, have lunch and if it’s sunny, do some plotting whilst sunbathing. Then it’s back to work around 3 p.m. and writing until 6 p.m. then dogs, dinner and see some friends. I don’t sleep a lot so if I feel like it, I may even write some more late in the evening or even in the middle of the night. When I say ”writing” it doesn’t automatically mean writing a story. I may as well be blogging, doing interviews, reviews, articles, translating etc. I try to balance my day so that I get at least two-three different kind of writing done.

4. If you had the chance to write anywhere, where would you choose?
My dream job would be a travel blogger. In that way I’d get to write about travelling and write all around the world. I don’t get inspired by one place but many, depending on my mood and the story I’m currently writing.

5. What attracted you to your chosen genre?
I’ve always loved all things supernatural. I think I have a love-hate relationship with the creatures of the night. Some scares the crap out of me and some I’m intrigued to know more and more about. I believe there’s so much more than meets the eye. You just have to look a little bit closer.

6. Do you prefer to type or hand write?
Definitely type! My handwriting is super messy (ask anyone!) and even I don’t always know what I’ve written on the paper.

7. Would you ever like to branch out to a different genre?
Yes, but I’m not sure if I dare. I have very loyal readers and I’d like to keep them. Most of them are teens or young adults so trying my luck in an adult genre might scare them off.

Part One of Immortal Blood Series.

Samantha Green wanted nothing but to be normal, have a shallow life with smoking hot Jonathan Blake and an unforgettable senior year at Regents East High. But one morning she wakes up as a vampire. She has no idea who bit her or why. All she knows is she didn’t want it. Now her new life is full of secrets, deceit and fear, not to mention raw meatballs and red nectar that is definitely something else besides strawberry juice. Samantha tries to act normal. She pretends to like her mom’s chicken salad, goes to school and learns how to survive on her own, but what can she do when she finds herself inside of a devious conspiracy, strikingly fast hunters, secret clubs and mouthwateringly gorgeous boys and the only food she can catch is her best friend, Kate Walker’s, wrist?

My Review: 5 stars

I have never been a fan of vampire books, yet the blurb for this book intrigued me and so decided to give it a read. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I was drawn into the story. Having read other books from this author, I knew that she would write a good book. From the first page I was hooked on what was going on with Samantha and whether or not we would find out the mystery behind the doors of the club. I found myself lost in the pages and itching to know what would happen next and the end left me desperate for more. This is an excellent book and anyone who loves the paranormal, vampires or not, will love reading this book! Highly recommended!

You can find Jennifer here on Facebook, Twitter, her website and Goodreads.

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