Friday 26 January 2018

Review of Untamed by Madeline Dyer

In a world where addiction is encouraged, one girl must fight to stay clean...

As one of the last Untamed humans left in the world, Seven's life has always been controlled by tight rules. Stay away from the Enhanced. Don't question your leader. And, most importantly, never switch sides--because once you're Enhanced there's no going back. Even if you have become the perfect human being.

But after a disastrous raid on an Enhanced city, Seven soon finds herself in her enemy's power. Realizing it's only a matter of time before she too develops a taste for the chemical augmenters responsible for the erosion of humanity, Seven knows she must act quickly if she's to escape and save her family from the same fate.

Yet, as one of the most powerful Seers that the Untamed and Enhanced have ever known, Seven quickly discovers that she alone holds the key to the survival of only one race. But things aren't clear-cut anymore, and with Seven now questioning the very beliefs she was raised on, she knows she has an important choice to make. One that has two very different outcomes.

Seven must choose wisely whose side she joins, for the War of Humanity is underway, and Death never takes kindly to traitors.
My review: 5 stars
I loved this book! It started in the thick of the action, and pulled you along for the ride. I loved Seven, loved the world-building and all that came with it. Seven and her group have to battle to survive, and even then there's a choice to be made. Will she stay Untamed or fall prey to the idea of an easy life? I loved how the sub-plots all linked together. I had my suspicions about some of the reveals, but it didn't take away any of my enjoyment. A great book and start to what looks to be an amazing series! Recommended.

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