Monday 2 July 2018

Six Month Check In With Goals - The Creative Process


I thought that since we're now in July, and I plan to start doing bi-monhtly goals that I would do a check in with the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year. For those who can't remember, here's the list in full with notes on how far I've come.


-> 1. RELEASE DYING THOUGHTS - SIXTH CHANGE IN MAY 2018 - I did this on May 16th and it went amazingly well! I'm very pleased with how this turned out and this goal is completely done!

-> 2. RELEASE WALK A MILE IN JUNE 2018 - I did this on June 27th and while it was a little bit of a hurried time, I am very pleased with every part of the release. I'm calling this one done completely!

-> 3. FINISH WRITING INVISIBLE & CRAMPING CHRONICLES: THE THIRD ACHE - I did this on May 25th and May 27th respectively. I was very happy with how they turned out and super excited for starting the next two!

-> 4. START <s>VISIBLE</s> TRANSLUCENT & CRAMPING CHRONICLES: THE FOURTH TORMENT - This one is done, but with some changes as you can see. The Invisible trilogy was only going to be a duet when I wrote these goals and so, I've started the second book in the series on June 2nd and am happy with that. I also started Fourth Torment on June 4th and am very excited with where it's going. I've only been writing them both for a month, but I'm happy with how things are turning out.

-> 5. GET UP TO 4K NEWSLETTER SUBS - Not done and not going to be done. I realised early on in the year that a newsletter just wasn't working for me. For a number of reasosn, I decided to shut it down and so this won't be done and isn't really a worth while goal any more.

-> 6. EDIT DYING THOUGHTS - SEVENTH DEATH READY FOR RELEASE IN 2019 - Not started, but I plan to in November time get out the editing pen and see how to make it better as I go through a second round of betas

-> 7. GET UP TO 500 SUBS ON YOUTUBE, 500 ON INSTAGRAM & 1K ON TWITTER - I am DONE with Instagram as I sit just above 500 now, Youtube is lagging behind at 320 and Twitter is about 860 so I'm getting there.

-> 8. GET UP TO 240 RATINGS & 190 REVIEWS ON GOODREADS FOR ALL BOOKS COMBINED - Not yet done, but getting there! I'm at 227 ratings and 155 reviews, so I'm doing good!

-> 9. DO 12 EVENTS IN 2018 - Eeek!! I've not done any events bar the signing, and I doubt I will be doing any either. What was I thinking??

-> 10. DO 5 QUESTIONS FROM READERS IN 2018 - I've done three of these, so we're on the way to being done!

-> 11. KEEP UP WITH AUTHORTUBE CHANNEL - Done this so far!

-> 12. DO MARKETING PLAN FOR DYING THOUGHTS - SIXTH CHANGE & WALK A MILE - I did do this and I found it made things so much easier for me. I will be doing the same carrying on through into 2019.

-> 13. DO A SIGNING IN 2018 - I did this in April. I also have BLISS in July and Darker in October!

-> 14. SUBMIT TWO BOOKS FOR AWARDS IN 2018 - Done this too! I should find out results in September.

-> 15. DO TWO GIVEAWAYS OF MY OWN IN 2018 - Not done. But I will get on this!

-> 16. PLAN TO RELEASE LIGHTS OUT & DYING THOUGHTS - EIGHTH ENDING IN 2019 - Also not done, but will be towards the end of the year.

-> 17. REACH 100 PEOPLE IN READER'S GROUP - I'm at 30 I think? I plan to start directing more people there after signings and the like!

-> 18. DO #JOWRIMOGO FOR ALL OF 2018 - I have done this every month so far and can't see me turning away from it.

-> 19. KEEP UP WITH WRITING LOG - Done this too! I do love having my writing log.

-> 20. MAKE NEW CONTACTS AND KEEP UP WITH OLD ONES - And this is done as well so I'm very pleased with how things are going!

So at over six months into the year I have done eleven completely and another three half done with six that are either not going to be done, or are on the list for later in the year! I think that's a good thing!!

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