Friday 30 November 2018

Review of Celestial by SE Anderson

She wanted a holiday. They needed a chosen one.

Sally, Zander, and Blayde, accompanied by their new friend Nim, have only one request: no more bizarre distractions on their hunt for Earth.

But before their cells can complete a single jump, the team is shoved off course and crash into a dreary old temple. Worse yet, there seems to be some confusion over Sally’s face, as it looks exactly like that the local deity, Selena, goddess of the moon and omniscient absentee. Sally’s ticking every box on the ancient prophecies checklist.

Fresh off of her meds and riding the withdrawal, and Sally must choose between embracing the role of Goddess so as to protect the planet from mysterious Sky People, or being thrown in a Volcano. Not the best way to start a tropical vacation. It’s not going to be easy uniting warring factions, dealing with excitable whispering forests, or fighting both literal and figurative demons. Not to mention keeping up the appearance of divinity when all Sally wants is a nap.

Armed only with some high school improv’ classes and a basic knowledge of foreign pop songs, Sally must save the planet – before everything goes up in flames. 

My Review: 5 stars
I was eagerly awaiting this release and I dived into the book the moment I could and I was not disappointed. It's amazing, even better than the first three! I loved Sally and the way she was portrayed with real mental health issues. I loved the story and Zander and Blayde and Nim of course. It was just a brilliantly told story and I am in awe of Anderson's skills. This series is mindblowingly good and I can't wait for book five! The story is a whirlwind of roller-coasters and it just keeps getting better! Highly recommended!

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