Sunday 2 December 2018

From Joey's Instagram

#Repost @_megan_tennant (@get_repost) ・・・ It's officially #indiecember!! Don't know what that means? Indiecember is an indie author focused reading challenge built on the standard bingo board format. To claim a square you just have to leave an Amazon review for an indie book during December! Everyone who gets bingo can claim an entry to a huge giveaway going down on January 2nd (more info on that in a week or so). Q: are you participating in indiecember?! I'm playing flush style. Want to learn more? There's a video on my YouTube channel (Cloud Kitten Chronicles) and you can also see Give indie authors an amazing gift this holiday season whole simultaneously knocking out your Goodreads reading goals! In honor of Indiecember all of my Bookstagram posts will be indie books this month!! And I'll be trying to post at least two images a week. #indiecember #indieauthor #selfpublished #bookstagram #booklove

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