Friday 28 December 2018

Interview with L. Danvers & Review of Fate Abandoned

I am delighted to welcome L. Danvers to the blog for both an interview and a review of her bok, Fate Abandoned. Here's a little about Danvers:

I’m L. Danvers. My goal as an author is to offer you an escape from reality—one where you can explore new worlds, go on daring adventures, fight the bad guys and fall in love... all from the comfort of a cozy chair. 

I’ve been writing since I can remember, but I finally had the guts to hit “publish” in 2016, and I haven’t looked back. I do genre-hop a bit, but everything falls under sci-fi and fantasy. What can I say? I enjoy spending my days creating and destroying worlds. I write what I like to read, so my books have memorable characters, tons of action and are real page-turners. And, of course, there’s a little romance in there, too. You have to have someone to fangirl over, right? And the best part? My books are all suitable for YA and adult readers alike.

And onto the interview!

How long have you been writing?
Like many writers, I’ve been writing since I can remember. I used to love making up stories when I was little. But I never could manage to finish them. It wasn’t until the idea for my first novel, Conspiracy Unleashed, came to me that I went all in. The book played out like a movie in my head, and I just had to get it all down. And I’ve been taking my writing seriously ever since.

Do you write in the genre you love to read?
Yes! I’m a huge fan of YA books. The teen years are filled with so much passion and angst, and it’s fun to tap into that both as a reader and a writer. I really enjoy fantasy and sci-fi, although I read a bit of everything.

Do you have any favourite authors to read?
One of my new favorite authors is Michelle Madow. Her stories are all fun, fast-paced and super imaginative. And I am currently reading V Games by Caroline Peckham and am blown away by the quality of her writing—it is incredibly vivid without the descriptions being superfluous.

Are you an organised writer or not?
Not at all! I’m currently working on a new series, Vampires of Crescent Cape, and decided that for once I was going to use an outline. So I spent a good deal of time planning out every little detail. But by the time I finished actually writing the first chapter, everything had changed. The villain ended up being part of the family, the simple love story turned into a love triangle, etc. But it’s all for the better, so it’s okay. I love it when my stories take on lives of their own!

What's your idea of a perfect writing day?
Any time I can tap into that creative magic where the words just flow out of me faster than I can type them is good in my book!

Do you like editing or is it something you loathe?
I love it! That’s the fun part. I don’t do massive rewrites, so I don’t have to deal with the headache of scrapping half the novel and starting over. It’s mostly just getting the words right and checking for typos.

What's your favourite social media? And why?
Ooh, that’s a hard one. Facebook is still my favorite as far as getting book-related information out to readers, but I’m really enjoying Instagram these days, too. I’m fairly new to the platform, but I love the whole “bookstagram” scene and connecting with fellow readers and authors.

Do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks? Why?
As a writer, I love that ebooks allow me to get my books into the hands of so many readers. But as a reader, I have to confess that nothing beats the feeling of having a physical book in my hands.

She's a sword-wielding princess.
He's the outlaw who kidnapped her.
They should be enemies, but he might be the key to finding her brother - and herself.

Princess Daphne is sick of being treated as the king's pawn. So even though she's supposed to be hanging back at the castle and choosing a suitor, she doesn't hesitate to follow her brother on a treacherous quest. Especially after learning there's a prophecy predicting his death.
She devises a plan and sets out with her maidservant to rescue him - which seems like a great idea until they're kidnapped by outlaws.

But Daphne's not one to give up so easily. Realizing that aligning with their captors might just guarantee their success, she cuts a deal with the dangerously charming Gregory.

Forced to work together against impossible odds, she and Gregory learn that they need each other more than they knew. And as they race to save the prince, Daphne must decide if she's willing to give up everything she's ever known for a love she never expected...

My review: 5 stars
This isn't my usual kind of read, but I liked the cover and the blurb sounded interesting. It was an amazing book, an adventure, a quest and a love story intertwined in the words. I loved Daphne and everyone she met along the way. The ending was a twist I didn't see coming, and would love to read the second book as well. The author has a way with words, painting beautiful pictures and bringing you along for the journey. I very much recommend this book to all those who love fantasy and even those who don't.

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