Tuesday 22 October 2019


Lock can't help but feel that something more is going on than what she's being told...

[ID A burnt out lightbulb with the header of Lights Out and a seal for the New Apple book awards official selection with the smaller header of out now in paperback and ebook. Excerpt reads:

“Hey, Lana, did you find that fifteenth name?” I asked.
I could hear a loud squeak on her end and wondered what she was doing.
“Name? I told you, I didn’t…,” she said, sounding far away.
“Is it possible the mainframe found her when it went back online?” I asked.
“What’s the name and I can check?”
“Martha Connors, her file says she’s received all three prompts and due process has gone through.”
“Well, the server must have found her then, because I didn’t,” Lana said. “I suppose that’s one crisis averted. You should let Chris know we found her.”


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