Tuesday 7 February 2023


Cat needs to be safe, even if that means lying to her parents about where she's been...

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“Where on earth have you been?” she asked, when I walked into the hall.
“I went to get tea from Starbucks,” I said. It wasn’t a lie, I just hadn’t told her why I’d gone.
“With who?” she said, raising an eyebrow. I guess she thought that she could make me tell her something I didn’t want her to know, but as it turned out, she was going to be disappointed.
“I went with Jayden and the guys,” I replied, resisting the urge to give her a smug look.
“Catherine, you were not with Jayden. I called her parents and they said she was home,” Mum said, using my full name to let me know how much trouble I was in.

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