Friday 7 April 2023

Review of The Unseen Curse by Zachary Jefferies

Every small town has dark secrets. Miridical, Rhode Island has dark magic.

With absolutely nothing to do in this tiny, boring town, high school sophomore Juniper Szmydt passes the time solving small crimes. But when one of the town founders is killed, she jumps at the chance to solve a murder. Dad works for the mayor and can’t help her snoop, so June’s on her own playing nice with a town she’s hated since moving to last year.

But the town isn’t playing nice back, and it becomes evident people are keeping secrets from the Szmydts. Only a scrying mirror can show Juniper the truth: Miridical is magical. Now, the mystery becomes who is hiding the truth from the Szmydt family; she must solve it by Samhain when the mysterious forces of Miridical will claim her father as their next victim.


My Review: 3 STARS

I picked this up because the cover and blurb called out to me. I loved Juniper and loved the way the story was woven through the words, loved the idea of what the author was trying to get across, but there were places where I felt like it was either too rushed or not fleshed out enough. Either way it was an enjoyable read, Juniper coming to terms with the truth about her, her father and her family made me smile. Loved the ending, and just overall liked it.

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