Friday 14 July 2023

Review In Between Them by Jeanmarie Anaya

The first rule of friendship is simple: hands off your best friend’s crush. Friendship first, no exceptions.

So seventeen-year-old Cass is understandably wrecked when her best friend Alex latches onto Graham, the guy Cass has loved since forever. But Alex is so loaded with tears and apologies that it’s impossible not to forgive her.

Friendship first, even when it hurts.

Before long, Graham blindsides Alex with a breakup no one saw coming. Alex has never needed Cass more. With her best friend desperate to find the reason beneath Graham’s change of heart, Cass vows to be the perfect support system—spying, sneaking, scheming to help Alex lure Graham back. But an impulsive kiss throws Cass into an unforgivable role with the guy she’s always wanted, the same guy who’s now off-limits by her own rules. This time forgiveness doesn’t come easily, especially not for herself.


My Review:  4.5 STARS

I picked this up thinking that it would be a romance filled with twists and turns, and it very much was. I adored Cass, and found myself feeling for her as she went through the emotions of losing her crush to her best friend, and then everything that came after. The only part I didn’t like was that it felt like a lot of things were left unresolved by the end of the book. That said, it didn’t make for any less an enjoyable read. I was rooting for Cass and Graham, and found that I really didn’t like Alex and the way she dealt with things, but that she brought out some intense emotions in me speaks of a relatable character. Good read, and an author I’ll read again!

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