Tuesday 10 October 2023


The hits just keep on coming...

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[ID: A blue double helix background with the title INVISIBLE at the top and Coming November 14th 2023 just below the title. The except reads:

“It's a long story, Jonah,” Jackson said, swallowing thickly. “You asked about your mum?”
“Yeah, but only because I heard her calling me,” I said with a smile as I turned to look back to where I thought she'd been. There was no one there. No hand in mine other than Jackson's. “Where did she go?”
“Jonah, you've been out for a day or so. I'm so sorry, but your mum died from the virus about three hours after we arrived here.” Jackson squeezed my hand.

At the bottom is Joey Paul and just below that the website www.joeypaulonline.com,and in the bottom right corner is the logo for Bug Books. END ID]



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