Friday 16 February 2024

Review of Of Chaos And Beauty by Meghan Rhine

An earth bender who’s lost everything, and the air wielder who’s stolen it all from her. Who will rise and who will fall in this war of elements where winner takes all?

A fierce earth bending warrior, and the next in line to lead her faction, Kara thought an arranged marriage and all-out war between the elements was as bad as things could get. That was before enemy elementals attacked her village.

With her home destroyed and all its survivors chained in transporters destined for enemy territory, Kara's deepest fears of inadequacy as a leader have painfully materialized. When she has nothing left, what is there to give those who still look for her to lead? Will she have one last chance to prove she can protect her people? And could the very commander who overtook her home be just the one to help her get it back?

Sorren’s destiny is simple. He has a legacy to protect and a plan to uphold. Son of the greatest prime policymaker the Upper Region has ever seen, Sorren has a duty to build the region up to his late father’s grand vision. A vision almost fulfilled before the fire benders assassinated him. Now Sorren will stop at nothing to defeat the Lower Region and force its inhabitants to serve the capital, just as his father planned.

But when his raid on an earth bending village goes too far, does he still have what it takes to succeed at all costs? Will duty prevail over honor when one decision could cost Sorren everything? When the woman he swears to protect is the same one he must take everything from, how can he choose between his home and his heart?


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because the cover and blurb sounded like a book I would enjoy. While I’m not usually one for fantasy, the story pulled me in fast and had me hooked on the page. Learning more about Kara, about Sorren, about the world and the elementals just drew me in. I loved all the complexities of the characters and the fights they had to go through. I adored the start of this series and the way it all wound together to bring about an explosive ending that leaves you hungry for more. Overall a great start to a series and one that I would recommend!

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