Friday 26 April 2024

Review of Run by HG Lynch


Seventeen-year-old Tilly finds herself on the run from her cruel adoptive family - a coven of witches who seek to use and abuse her Power. With no one to turn to, she stumbles into a brooding young man and his family who offer her sanctuary. With a terrible secret to keep, Tilly knows she should move on, but every time she tries to leave, she is held back by the tie she feels to the enigmatic and hostile Spencer.

Spencer hides his own secret - he and his family are werewolves. Even as an outcast, he is duty-bound to protect this secret and the pack that barely tolerates him. But there's something about Tilly that makes him want to break all the rules.

Tilly and Spencer find themselves drawn to each other, but their love is not just taboo—it's impossible. Their two worlds were never meant to mix, and their love could threaten to tear them and the pack apart.

As the witches close in on Tilly and endanger the pack, they must decide whether their love is worth fighting for, or if they will be forced to sacrifice everything.


My Review: 4.5 STARS

I picked this up because I liked the idea of the blurb and the cover called to me. I loved Tilly from the start and even as the story wove its many twists and turns, I couldn’t help but get pulled along for the ride. Spencer, Dom, all of them were so expertly crafted that they felt real. You ended up cheering along for them, even when you knew that things might not end happily. I’m so glad I have book two in the trilogy because I need to know what happens next after that explosive ending. An excellent start to a series and one that I recommend!

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