Thursday 16 August 2012

Another "Questions from 'Fans' Opportunity :D


Since the last round of questions from 'fans' went so well, Joey has decided to do a second one. There were still some questions that went unanswered in the first post, but Joey is appealing to anyone interested in asking her a question to email them to her inbox.

They can be about anything. From how she chooses her characters, to how she plans a book. From a specific question about one of her books or characters to one about how she decided which storyline to go with. There are only a few limits. Joey is willing to answer any question, but if she deems it to be too personal, she may not feel comfortable answering, also inflammatory questions will be ignored.

So, if you'd like to take part in round two, please email Joey before the 31st August 2012. If she receives a lot of questions, she may answer some before that date, but the deadline is set to then.

Have fun :D

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