Wednesday 19 March 2014

GUEST BLOGGER: Linda Bolton - My Writing Journey


Meet Linda, a contemporary romance writer. She's joining Joey today to talk about her writing journey. Read ahead to see what she has to say!

Joey, Thank you so much for having me on your blog.

So, you wanted to know how I got started writing. I’m sure I’m about like everyone else - I have been writing in some way for as far back as I can remember. In high school I was on the school literary magazine and wrote poetry with teen angst - typical high schooler. In college, I wrote research papers which caused me to swear off writing until I was in my thirties. Nothing could dissuade a person more from writing than having to write about topics that are dull.

In my mid-thirties, I adopted an eleven year old girl from CPS when I lived in Georgia.  I started journalling my experiences with her and decided to write a book on adopting older children. There are so many children here in the US that end up aging-out of the system because families are afraid to adopt older kids. 

Life got me side-tracked and the book was put on hold. Twelve years ticked by and one evening I started writing Take 2, my first contemporary romance. I truly enjoyed writing. I suddenly noticed that everything around me gave me ideas for books - my friends, my day job, celebrities. The ideas are never-ending. I’ll eventually finish the adoption story, it is a priority, but until then... Incantation, my second novel,will be out in the late spring and Take 2 is available in ebook and paperback

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