Friday 1 January 2016

Looking forward to 2016!

Happy New Year! I hope you have all had a happy holiday period. It's that time of year, having looked back on the year past, it's now time to look to the year ahead. I usually set myself goals that I'd like to achieve in my writing. So here are my book goals 2016:

->Time Sensitive Ones<-

  1.  Release Dying Thoughts - Fourth Week in paperback by March 2016
  2.  Release Dying Thoughts - First Touch & The Friendship Triangle in paperback by Summer 2016.
  3. Release Destination: Unknown in both paperback & e-format by Summer 2016.
  4. Do a blog tour for Waiting On You in the Summer of 2016.
  5. Have 125 ratings & 100 reviews on Goodreads for all books combined by Summer 2016.
->General Ones<- 
  1.  Organise two book signings locally.
  2.  Take part in five events over the year.
  3.  Do #JoWriMoGo every month.
  4.  Do five giveaways on the blog/Facebook/Tsu/Goodreads throughout the year.
  5.  Contact book blogs and get at least ten reviews done.
  6.  Have over ten reviews on each book on Goodreads & Amazon.
  7.  Finish Walk A Mile & Dying Thoughts - Seventh Death.
  8.  Plan and begin books fifteen & sixteen.
  9.  Write often & keep up with writing log.
  10.  Take part in #NaNoWriMo.
  11.  Do at least three "Questions from Readers" over the year.
  12.  Keep up with contacts in the Indie Author community and make new ones.
  13.  Do blog posts once a week. 
  14.  Start a monthly booktube channel.
  15.  Do five events of my own over the year.
I hope that at this time next year, I will be posting about all the success I've had over the past year. Do you have any goals or resolutions for the coming year? Share them in the comments below. And again, Happy 2016!

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