Monday 13 November 2017

My Pet Peeves In Fiction - The Creative Process


This is something I've had on my list to write for a while. Every time I get close to doing it, something else pops up that grabs my attention. But I've been getting more organised and in doing that have a whole bunch of blog posts to write. I decided to start with this one. Of course I want to make it clear that I am both an avid reader and an author myself, so I know that my peeves are not going to be everyone else's. I also won't name books because the last thing I want to do is start flinging mud. This is all my opinion and my peeves, and shouldn't be treated as gospel truth. So let's get down to it.


I've been reading crime fiction since I was a teen. I've talked before about my first adult book being Hot Money by Dick Francis and it was that book that made me want to write my own crime stories. Having done that, I have to say that one thing that really rubs me the wrong way is when a book series has, within a short space of time, serial killer after serial killer. It's so rare in reality and I just feel like it's something that needs to be used once in a series, and even then to some degree. I'll read and enjoy these books, but it does get to the point where you start to roll your eyes and think: really? Another serial killer?


Do I really need to explain this? I know it's a thing in the reading community and I know it's also become a bit of the norm as far as romance goes, but I do not approve of love interests who are either actually abusive or borderline. I'm talking bad boys who are possessive, borderline violent, trying to teach the girl that she really does love him, even when she herself has said no. I'm talking about woman falling for men who are, to be blunt, fuckheads, because they think their love will change them. As a young adult author, this worries me for the readers who think this is love, when actually it's not. It's not romantic, it's not love and it's not cool.

I love a good plot twist, but when it starts to get unrealistic, I start to lose my interest. I don't mean complicated. I love a complicated story line that makes you think and join the dots. I love it not being spelled out to you and leaving the reader wondering. That I am one hundred percent down for. I'm talking about story lines that just are complicated for no reason. Like when the answer is completely simple, and obvious, and instead the characters go through this long drawn out process when they should, easily, had spotted a better way.


Okay, I get it, there's something about having two guys (or girls) fight over you, but they have been done to death. And even when they were first big, I didn't like them. I've never liked that kind of thing in books, or on TV and in movies. It just doesn't appeal to me at all. I know that sometimes it happens, and I get that it's reflecting real life in a way, but the guys always hate each other to the point where you kinda thing they're both assholes. I just think there has to be a better way of doing things.

And my final pet peeve is this one. I have had a long term friendship with so many guys that didn't turn into love. My best friend of twenty plus years and I live together, and even though we're both women, the assumption is ALWAYS that we must be a couple! Now there's nothing wrong with that, and it's great that people are open to it. But I would love to see some close friendships were getting together wasn't the end game. On top of that, it's the long drawn out friendship and then one day waking up and realising you love them. I mean yeah, it can happen, but I'd love to just have some good solid friendships.

So there you have it, my pet peeves in fiction. I know the majority of them are linked to romance, but the crime and storylines happen across genres. I love to read. Seriously, I do. I am always going to bed with my Kindle and a new book and enjoy my reading time. I am also someone who will pretty much read anything. My tastes are wide and varied and on top of that I usually enjoy what I read. So, none of these have turned me off books completely!

What are your pet peeves when it comes to reading and/or writing?

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