Friday, 19 January 2018

Review of No Time for Rules - Fleur Lind & Lloyd Hopkins

Since the day a poster with time-travelling powers was spotted on a window by residents and staff at Carrisbrook Estate Rest Home, life has never been the same. With the PTM (Personal Time Machine) their travels are only limited by their imagination. Sophia is the zesty, new South American-born CEO/manager with a passion for Salsa dancing and all things spicy. Add to the mix Kwasi, a troubled but brutally handsome young West African from Liberia and some restless, blood-thirsty rebels from his past. To top things off, add the unexpected arrival of the feline kind who unearths a mystery long forgotten.

Intrigue, laugh-out-loud humour, drama, steamy sex and gentle's all just another day at the office for the rule breaking, rebellious 'locals' at Carrisbrook Estate Rest Home.

My Review:  5 stars
Having read the first in the series, I wanted to pick up this one to see where life went for the Carrisbrook residents and what new adventures were in store. I enjoyed this book so much more than the first. It was engaging and fun, there were plot twists and sub-plots that made it a fun read. I enjoyed revisiting the residents from the first book and felt the book overall was better and more fun! Will be picking up the third when it's released!

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  1. Just for the record, Fleur's input into "A Timely Dream" was about 85% then through my encouragement her contribution was about 40% in "No Time For Rules"...Sincerely, Lloyd Hopkins (Fleur's older brother and co-author)On close inspection you'll see my name on the cover of both books.

  2. Apologies, Fleur did tell me you were co-author and I had amended the post to reflect that.

  3. Your apology is accepted...and just to correct my typing error, Fleur's input into "A Timely Dream" was about 15% NOT 85%. Cheers, Lloyd.