Wednesday 11 April 2018


You'll have seen my posts on Instagram about this site - The Book Robin Hoods - but I haven't really done a piece about them and why they are a good site for both authors and readers. So this post is all about the site.

Are you an author? Well, the Book Robin Hoods is a perfect place for you to connect with readers. It started as the brainchild of MC Frank, and has grown with her hard work. The site is simple. You have the Storytellers - the authors - and the Book Thieves -the readers. The site brings the two together and allows one to request help from the other. So, for me, as a featured author, I can email all the bloggers and ask for help with cover reveals, ARC, reviews and even general promotion for giveaways and the like. It's an amazing resource and it's growing everyday! If you're an author and want to be featured on the site, the form for that is here.

Are you a reader or blogger? Become a Book Thief and open the door to more authors, books and other readers from all over the world. You can support indie authors and traditional authors by looking over their featured works and just with a simple email ask for a copy. If you're interested, the form for that is here.

Now for some rules that should be mentioned. At this time, #TBRH is not accepting erotica, non-fiction or graphic horror authors. And reviewers need to have some established posts before they can be added to the site.

I've been a featured author for a good few months and I have nothing but good things to say about this site. On top of that, they have an amazing forum that allows readers and authors to connect. I've met CPs through there, found people to do cover reveals and read ARCs. It's a brilliant site, but it does need to grow, and that's the reason for this post. So if you're interested, click the links and sign up. You won't be disappointed!


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