Friday 1 February 2019

Interview with Trish Beninato

I am delighted to welcome back Trish Beninato to the blog for a second interview. Here's a little bit about her:

Trish Beninato is a young adult fantasy/scifi indie author, who has an unhealthy love for Marvel comics and Star Wars. She is desperately trying to make thirty the new twenty and lives in Colorado with her husband, three children and her adorable rescue pup. She was born in Indiana and raised around the world, spending most of her youth in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. She has a love for traveling and moving to new places thanks to being a child of the military and now spouse to a military soldier. In her spare time she works with young children, paints and hikes around the Rocky Mountains.

And onto the interview!

Do you write in the genre you love to read?
I have several genres I like to read but yes I do write in one of them! J

Do you have any favourite authors to read?
There are so many! I love Victoria Aveyard, Marissa Meyer, Bella Forest, Laura Sebastian, Charlene Hariss, Lauren Kate, Karen Marie Moning and Christopher Pike. Just to name a few!

Are you an organised writer or not?
I try to be, but mostly I’m flying by the seat of my pants- literally!

What's your idea of a perfect writing day?
Complete freedom to lock myself away and smack into the keys! Alas, it almost never happens.

Do you like editing or is it something you loathe?
Without a doubt, loathe.

What's your favourite social media? And why?
Facebook because I’m old and am apparently very bad at the rest!

Do you do character profiles? If so, why/why not?
Yes, it helps me stay grounded in the various characters.

How would you describe your writing process?
I write a very limited outline and then work some magic on the rest. Enough to make Harry Potter proud.

Do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks? Why?
I love the convenience of ebooks, but the smell of paperbacks will always hold my heart. However, I must say I’ve been obsessed with audio books lately just because of my busy schedule.

How do you plan a book launch?
With a ton o help! No, really though there is a ton of work that leads up to big grand finale. Including newsletter swaps, giveaway, trying to drum up hype, have my friends share the book on multiple platforms, run a sale and even sometimes, depending on budget, I’ll hire a marketing company and or personal assistant.

Do you have a favourite writing food? Drink?
Junk food and hot tea/coffee….. it’s so bad but sooooo good!

What's your favourite idea of a cozy afternoon?
A book, a soft blanket, and a warm fireplace.

How often do you write? Do you have a schedule?
I try to write every day even if it’s just a few words. But if I write too much, like nano, I usual will take a few days break.

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