Friday 19 April 2019

Review of Fate Reclaimed by L. Danvers

One newly crowned queen. One giant problem.

On the heels of reclaiming the kingdom from Hartley, Daphne learns the giants are planning an attack. Vires has already seen much bloodshed, and Daphne isn't sure her army alone is enough to fend off another strike. But there is one hope of defending the castle: rumor has it that there is one last dragon in existence. However, in a cruel twist of fate, the only person who can help her find it is the very man she reclaimed her kingdom from.

Left to choose between pride and duty, Daphne puts her trust in Hartley. But will that prove to be a grave mistake?
My review: 5 stars
I had to read the final book in the trilogy after loving the first two books. Picking up almost instantly from where the second book left off. Daphne and the others have a huge task ahead of them, and the fate of Vires is left in her hands. I adored the fast-paced action, the way the story was weaved together and the ending left me content and happy. I completely recommend this series as a good read and one for those who may think they don't enjoy fantasy but get pulled in and love it anyway! An amazing read!

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