Tuesday 2 April 2019


Tara still feels the effects of her past. No matter how much she tries to forget about it, some things leave a lasting mark. 

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[ID: A Teaser graphic for Dying Thoughts - Seventh Death. The release date is listed as May 15th 2019. The teaser contents are as follows:

 I closed my eyes and tried to quell my shaking hands, but it didn’t seem to help. I counted slowly as I breathed out, and then in again, trying to calm my fraught system. If there was one thing I wished I could change it was that I didn’t react like this to stupid things that shouldn’t have even been triggers in the first place. I’d given up trying to understand my traumatised brain, but it would’ve been nice if there were at least *some* clues as to what set me off this time.
“Tara, are you okay?” Nate asked. 


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