Friday 13 September 2019

Review of Starbound by S E Anderson

Home is where the heart is. Or maybe the pizza.

There’s no better feeling than being back home after a long week exploring the galaxy, though being abandoned by one’s friends and left to fend off a glitching evil robot spoils it. All that’s left is to settle back into life, preparing Marcy’s wedding and job hunting. If only mysterious midnight SWAT teams and crop-circle crafting-sessions weren't constantly getting in Sally’s way.

When an old foe returns, and Sally is the only person on the planet to recognize it, it’s up to her, her sullen ex, and an overly-excitable FBI agent to save the planet. But first they have to get the president safely out of his favorite sushi bar without starting the war of the worlds.

It’s hard maintaining a long-distance relationship when your crush is light years away and thinks you died of old age, but that hasn’t stopped anyone yet. Sally must save the planet, the universe, and herself - though maybe she’ll take a nap first.

My Review: 5 stars
I have loved this series from the start so when I saw the next book up for pre-order, I had to have it. Picking up almost immediately after the end of the last book, Sally is thrown back into somewhat normal life, but along the way she finds out that what passes for normal isn't actually all that normal. The writing was engaging from the first page, I was hooked and reading along with Sally and Zander's story and couldn't help but get lost in the pages. Sally looking to undo some of the things she's done in the past and save Earth but all without Zander by her side. As the pieces of threads started to be pulled together, you can't believe what's happening! It was an amazing ride and I adore Anderson's way of sitting you down and keeping you in the story. Overall, an amazing book and one that I highly recommend!

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