Tuesday 10 September 2019


Tara isn't show how much of a witness she'll be. It all happened so fast...

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[ID: A graphic with a waterfall background and the heading of Dying Thoughts - Eighth Ending with the release date just below as October 9th 2019. The excerpt reads:

“I don’t know how much help I’ll be, I can only remember parts of it and I don’t recall the man’s face.”
“But it was a man?” she asked.
“I assume so because of the build and height, he used something to disguise his voice so I can’t be one hundred percent sure.”
“It’s fine, we don’t have much physical evidence, though obviously when the DCI wakes up, we’ll be questioning him as well,” she said with a smile. “Just tell us what you remember.”
“Okay,” I said, my voice shaking a little. 


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