Tuesday 17 September 2019


It's all going wrong so fast, and Tara doesn't know how she'll cope without Mike, the threat of losing him is almost too much...

[ID: A graphic with a background of a waterfall with the header Dying Thoughts - Eighth Ending and the release date just below as October 9th 2019. The excerpt reads:

“Zara, call a code!” she shouted and I saw the nurse scurry into action. “You guys need to go back to the waiting room, now, we need room to work!”
I wanted to stay, I wanted to hold Mike’s hand and tell him he’d be okay, but Dad pulled on my arm. I didn’t get emotional, and I didn’t panic. I just felt numb. I turned my head as Dad led me out of the ICU and caught sight of a number of nurses and possibly a doctor or two rushed towards Mike’s room.  


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