Tuesday 26 November 2019


Tara knows she should tell him, but she keeps thinking everything will resolve itself by the time it matters...

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A faded blurry blue background with the small title of: Out now in paperback & ebook and below that a bigger title of: Dying Thoughts - Fifth Secret. The excerpt reads: 

Ippydippy98: My thoughts exactly. I thought that Dad was going to have a heart attack when he read it.
Kkat: Woah, your dad saw it?
Ippydippy98: Yeah, it was hand delivered through our door, waiting for me when we got home from school.
Kkat: So this creep knows where you live?
Ippydippy98: I guess so.
Kkat: Tara, you *have* to tell your dad! I’m assuming that since you’re not under armed guard that you lied to him?


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