Friday 7 February 2020

Review of Slated by Christina Lanier

A young girl's life is turned upside down when a research experiment throws the world into apocalyptic turmoil. Separated from their parents, Hannah, along with her two younger sisters, must brave Earth's transformed population in an effort to reunite their family. With danger at every turn, survival becomes her sole focus. Struggling to determine whether each person she meets is good or evil, she must also discover how she herself has been slated.

My Review: 5 STARS
I picked this up thinking it would be an interesting read and I wasn't disappointed. It started off with everyday life and then the action kicked in pretty quick. I was tugged along on Hannah's journey, on the sacrifices she made, on the twists and turns of the plot, her emotions was so raw and real that you couldn't help but feel the same. Overall an amazing read, and one I'd recommend. I'd be interested in more by this author!

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