Friday 19 June 2020

Review of A Rebel Witch by Ashley McLeo

The evil queen of demons is after me.

But as long as she remains in Hell, I’m safe.

I hope . . .

Now that I’m participating in the Spy Games—a dangerous competition between magical spy academies—I’ve increased the risk of the queen’s minions finding and dragging me to the depths of the underworld.
In fact, with each passing Spy Game event, it becomes more obvious exactly why the queen wants me.
Most of the time my studies, relationships, and the tournament keep the looming threat of abduction out my mind.
But when someone I love is taken by the demons, I must act.

And face the powerful queen of Hell head-on.

My Review: 5 STARS
I read the first book in this series and was delighted to see the second one out! I picked it up and dived right in. I loved slipping back into the Spellcasters world. Odie is an amazing character, one that you can relate to, and cheer for as she faces all the trouble thrown in her path. McLeo has a way with words, and weaves the world into them. I adored the book, found myself unable to put the book down and wanting to read all the way to the end so that I knew what was going to happen to Odie and the others. The ending almost killed me, and I'm desperate for book three! Highly recommended!

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