Friday 26 June 2020

Review of A Witch Called Red by Sami Valentine


In the dark underworld, she is known as Red, a witch trained as a supernatural bounty hunter, where she came from is a mystery.

When a murdered model washes up on a beach, Red knows the bite marks on the victim can mean only one thing. Teaming up with Lucas, a punk rock vampire with a soul, Red goes to Los Angeles to investigate.

Instead of angels in the shadow of the Hollywood Sign, she only finds more bodies. And a city run by a vampire queen in Lululemon teetering on the brink of supernatural civil war.

Red needs to keep her wits sharp. And her stake sharper. Or she'll die before she even learns her real name…

My Review: 5 STARS
I picked this up because the cover and blurb were amazing. I was super excited to get into the story, even though I'm not usually one for vampires. I was hooked from the first page, and couldn't help but carry on through the story. Valentine has a way with words, a way to frame the story with just enough intrigue to keep you turning the page without giving away too much too soon. I adored the mystery and kept picking at the clues to try and solve it before the end. It was an amazing read and a series that I plan to follow to the end. Overall, very much recommended!

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