Monday 4 May 2020

Breaking Down My Day: Run Up To Release

I did a break down of my day when it comes to writing (piece found here), so I thought I would continue along and talk about my days when it comes to the run up to release. I know that a lot of people don't realise just how much work goes on behind the scenes when it comes to releasing a book, so I'm gonna give you a little glimpse of that!

This is usually when I wake up and do the same stuff that I do every day whether it's release or not. The only difference here is that I'll be posting on social media with info geared towards the pre-order, the pre-order SWAG and everything that goes along with that. I'll be posting something, depending on the day, that highlights I have a book coming out soon, and where to grab hold of it. The most obvious of these are #TeaserTuesday posts where I share a teaser for the upcoming book, these are posted both on Instagram and other socials, as well as on my blog with an image description, and on Tumblr as well. This usually takes me a good couple of hours to get done.

I will usually get my writing done here. Sometimes writing stops for releases, but other times it doesn't. I have revisions to get done, chapters to write and all the rest, so no matter when it is, I'm doing something work related for this portion of the day. It's in bits and pieces since I have other things that need to get done alongside it all, but I'm actually pretty good at multi-tasking and managing to write here, and do promo there and not get the two mixed up.


This is my down time, yes I have it every day at some stage of another, but because releases are that much more hands on, I find that if I don't take an hour for myself, then I will end up getting burnt out and super stressed, and no one wants that, especially not me. I'll spend this time either chatting with a friend or taking a nap, sometimes it's longer than an hour, it really does just depend.

Here's where I'll get the admin stuff ready for the next day. I try to shut down at around 17:00 simply because I am chronically ill and I can't keep going non stop. So this'll be when I'm making posts in Canva and getting them ready for the next day's posting. It'll be when I schedule posts for my blog, or chase up other factors, like people doing release day stuff, and emails that've come in. All of it needs to fit into the day, so it all gets put around here because the majority of bloggers and such that I work with aren't in my time zone, so I have to stay up a little later to get hold of them at a decent time.


I am, usually, off work at 17:00, but I have found that from time to time, I'm needing to get a few emergency bits and pieces done. This can be earlier in the run up, edits that need to be looked at right away, or re-sending an ARC copy that didn't arrive. Things like this. Most days I am desperate for bed and sleep, but I will, rarely, and usually during release run up, work until 19:00 while being kept company by friends on Telegram.

So that's my run up to release day! How do you juggle your day? Lemme know in the comments!

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