Friday 29 January 2021

Review of Deadly Pretenses by Angelique Snowden


 Genesis Long and Sebastian Campbell are childhood sweethearts that meet their untimely end in a tragic car accident that occurs on the night of their Senior Prom. But one year later, their spirits continue to haunt their beloved town of Savannah, desperate to be reunited in the afterlife. But is a happy ending all they are after, or does their unfinished business have much deeper, darker roots?

Colette Vaughn is the new girl in town, a Chicago transfer who moves into Genesis’ old house and is thrust into this ghostly universe. Haunted by the undead lovers, she is desperate to unbury the secrets surrounding their deaths, all while trying to prevent herself from falling for Abel Campbell, Sebastian’s mysterious and handsome younger brother.

As the truths are revealed, Colette also discovers an unknown ability that threatens to disrupt both the living…and the dead.


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because the blurb and cover called out to me. The start of the book intrigued me and kept me reading, even as I fell in love with the story. Colette is new to the town, and things all seem to point back to two teens who died the previous year, and strange things keep happening to Colette. The story was engaging, the characters full-developed and it had me guessing until the last page. Overall an amazing read, and one I’d recommend to anyone who loves a good paranormal/mystery/romance!

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