Friday 18 November 2022

Review of The Hidden Spell by Amy Hart

A secret. A weapon. A spell.

I’m Emily Sanderson, and I’m not an ordinary vampire. My life’s been turned upside down more times than I can handle, and all I want is to figure out my newest powers and to keep studying at Mistwood Academy, the school that’s become my home.

Actually, no. All I really want is to give those powers back.

But when Haven Montgomery, my best friend and a powerful witch, offers me a solution, I know things are going to get complicated. Because something about her has changed since the night of the Sapphire Eclipse. I don’t know how to help her, and I don’t know who to trust.

Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about life at Mistwood, it’s that nothing’s as easy as it seems.


My Review: 5 STARS

I read the first book in this series and so when I saw that the second was out, I was happy to snatch it up and lose myself in the world again. I loved Emily, with all the complications and such going on in her life, she’s a vibrant character that makes you want to stay hooked to the page and follow along with her story. I enjoyed this book more than the first, loved the many twists and turns and things that called back to the first one. It was a delightful read that I finished in one sitting because I could just not put it down. Overall, recommended for all those who love a good urban fantasy!

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