Monday 21 August 2023

Summer Writing Fun - The Creative Process


It's that time of year again when school's out, and the sun is, hopefully, shining. I used to love summers when Mx. K was at school, simply because they'd be the chance to do family things, but also hole up in a coffee shop while they were at a park or the like, and just bang out the words. Now that they're older, I kinda lose track of the school breaks, but I still embrace summer itself. It's a time when I like it to be warm, but not too warm because my lungs do not appreciate the heat.

I have found that summer can be a nice time to just curl up with the fan on, the windows open, and just immerse yourself in the season. To be fair, I feel the same about winter too, even though both of them can give me health issues with their extremes. When it comes to summer though, it's a time to just water those idea seeds and let the summer bring them into fruition.

The other thing I love about the warmer months is that since I'm usually awake early, I get to enjoy the sun more, and the light more. Usually I wake up between 2 and 5 am, and from there I'll get my work done. During the winter, the sun doesn't come up until way after I've gotten my work finished, while in the summer, it's a nice chance to work with light.

There's just something about getting to watch the sun rise while also plotting murder, writing about fights and regimes and getting those words out. It's a delightful experience for me because I have zero problems being an early morning writer. It's hard sometimes during the window months for me to find energy because I'm missing out on so much of the sunlight in my office.

So what are some things that I find fun writing wise through the summer? Glad you asked, because I'm going to break it down for you!


Now I know that this is something anyone can do during any month of the year, but I do like to, occasionally, set up while we're out doing something as a family. I don't just mean inside either. I mean taking a trip out and writing while watching Mx. K do this or that, or with B also working on something as well. Nowadays with Mx. K so grown up, they're likely to also be writing, so it's like a little family writing retreat which is always fun!

It's also a way to spark the creativity. If you're always looking at your writing in the same setting, sometimes it can be a tad monotonous, and getting out there, enjoying the sun, or even just the setting, can be a great way to boost your mood, and your productivity.

I like to write with the windows open. I can only have them open so much because we have cats that shouldn't be outside, and so it has to be escape proof! That said, I can still hear the sounds on the street, cars, people, sometimes music playing, and it can work as a great way to stimulate a different kind of scene or setting in your writing.

It can be a fun way to really experience things and feed them into your writing brain and see what comes from it. I've picked up dialogue, settings, and a whole number of other things from doing this!

Overall, I think if you can get out and about, then it's a really good idea to do so! Writing outside, writing in cafes, and the like, can be a great way to help your brain work through a plot issue, or just give you ideas about things that can happen in this world, or in your world.

Any questions? Lemme know in the comments!

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