Tuesday 22 August 2023


Jessie is finding it hard to concentrate, and her teacher's aren't the most understanding...

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I tried again to focus on whatever Mr. Beacher was talking about. My head was thumping and my vision was hazy. If I had to guess, trigger guy had a migraine. I glanced over at the back of the class to watch him, but he didn't outwardly show any signs of pain.
“Are you okay, Ms. Oliver?” Mr. Beacher asked.
I turned back and saw that he'd approached my table. A quick look around told me he'd given a task to the other students and there was me sat there just staring at people.
“Just a headache, sir,” I croaked.
“Do you need to go to the nurse?” he asked.
“No, sir,” I said, shaking my head and wincing as it felt like my brain rattled around inside my skull.
“Then I'd appreciate you concentrating on your work,” he said, his tone a little gruff.

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