Friday 8 September 2023

Review of Sorcery Of Words by Moa Eriksson

Words are the strongest magic of all...

All I want is to get through high school, but apparently the universe has other plans. Now creatures straight from the Scandinavian folklore are appearing in my hometown, and a masked man shows up, offering to teach me to use my unusual gifts.

As it turns out, my sister and I were picked by the gods - yes, the actual freaking Norse gods - to save the world from someone hell-bent on destroying it. If we fail, the world as we know it will end in snow and fire. But where do two teenage girls like us even start when they have to stop the apocalypse?


My Review: 5 STARS

I picked this up because the cover and the blurb called out to me, and I was so glad to dive into it and find myself lost in the world Eriksson had created. Lia and her friends were perfectly written, the magic unique in the way it cam to be, and the story neatly dotted with bits of backstory and lore so that you never felt overwhelmed or that you were missing something. I adored the mental health rep, the way it was so nicely entwined with the characters, and the twists and turns of the story kept you guessing and hooked until the last page. This is an author to watch and a series I will be following. Very much recommended!

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