Tuesday 26 September 2023


Jonah's not sure there's anyone coming to help them...

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[ID: A blue double helix background with the title INVISIBLE at the top and Coming November 14th 2023 just below the title. The except reads:

Blinking three times to pull up the emergency menu, I left the line on speaker just so that everyone could hear. I don't know why it mattered to me that all of them heard I was taking a step for help, but it did. The line rang, it actually rang! All my life, I'd heard my mother tell me how proud she was that the emergency number never rang, you were always immediately connected. That gave me some idea of how bad things were.

At the bottom is Joey Paul and just below that the website www.joeypaulonline.com,and in the bottom right corner is the logo for Bug Books. END ID]


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