Friday 14 June 2024

Review of Savage Wild Souls by Sean Fletcher

Shatter their souls. Steal their throne.

Val is a prisoner. Held Below by the cruel Empress Sotera, she’s unable to warn the now High King Rune about Sotera’s plans to destroy the Wilds and Val’s former home in Seattle.

But when Val manages to escape, not only does she find herself beside Rune once again, she also finds herself in a new agreement with him: she’ll help him unite the Wilds in a way no High King has ever done. After all, taking the throne is one thing. Keeping it, and keeping Rune alive, is something else entirely.

Only, Val’s not the same person she was before. She doesn’t know what she is, not to herself, and not to Rune, even as his fascination with her grows stronger by the day.

To save Rune and the Wilds, Val will have to navigate constantly shifting alliances. And in doing so she just might become their salvation, or the very thing that destroys them all.

My Review: 5 STARS

Having read the first book in this trilogy, I was itching to dive back into the world that Fletcher has created. He has a way of pulling you in and sitting you down among the action, making you desperate to know what happens next and hooked until the last page, and even then you’re still yearning for more. I adored Val, the twists and turns of this story and that ending has me glad that I’ll soon be able to read the final book in the series. The way the story goes leaves you guessing and wishing you could predict what is going to happen next to all the characters. Very much recommended! 

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