Tuesday 4 June 2024


Tara is pretty sure she can handle this alone...

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[ID: A blurry blue & black background with the title DYING THOUGHTS - FIFTH SECRET at the top and out now in ebook & paperback just above the title The except reads:

Ippydippy98: My thoughts exactly. I thought that Dad was going to have a heart attack when he read it.
Kkat: Woah, your dad saw it?
Ippydippy98: Yeah, it was hand delivered through our door, waiting for me when we got home from school.
Kkat: So this creep knows where you live?
Ippydippy98: I guess so.
Kkat: Tara, you *have* to tell your dad! I’m assuming that since you’re not under armed guard that you lied to him?

At the bottom is Joey Paul and just below that the website www.joeypaulonline.com, in the top right corner is the Readers' Favorite review seal, and in the bottom right corner is the logo for Bug Books. END ID]


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