Thursday 30 June 2016

From Joey's Instagram: Bedrest Edition Part 2

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square photograph of a bookshelf with two metal bookends. From left to right, the books are: Dying Thoughts - First Touch; Dying Thoughts - Second Sight;  Dying Thoughts - Third Wish; Dying Thoughts - Fourth Week; Waiting On You; Lynne & Hope; The Friendship Triangle; Blackout. All eight books have the same author: Joey Paul. The caption reads: All eight with space for book nine coming July 9th on Kindle and paperback! Something to be said about seeing your creation on a book shelf!]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square screenshot of an Amazon page with the book: Destination: Unknown and the words Pre-order price: £1.99. There is a long grey button that says: Pre-order this item today! The caption reads: Pre-order a copy now from Amazon! Following Harriet as she travels in time to right a wrong and solve a murder!]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square photograph showing a polka dot duvet with four items positioned on top. A piece of A4 white chapter plan on the right. On the left are blue notecards and a small brown note book. In-between the two is one purple pen and a purple bulldog clip. The caption reads: Still on #bedrest but am ready to get another bonus chapter written! Got my window open and the cool air coming in lovely day to write!]

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square photograph of a untidy bed cover with polkadots. On top of the cover to the right is a blank Kindle screen, next to that is an A4 white chapter plan. Balancing on top are a purple pen, a brown notepad and a small syringe pen. The caption reads: Last day of #bedrest and another chapter written! I have tomorrow to finish the bonus chapters and then a new month starts! I'll be taking it slow so may end up writing in bed again but we shall see!] 

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A square photo showing a bluetooth black keyboard at the bottom of the frame, the edge of a black bed rest and the white glare of a tablet. The caption reads: Work today brought to you by: Tablet, bluetooth keyboard and a bed desk. Well worth the cost as I get so much done in bad days!] 

As always, I am still learning with image descriptions so any tips or criticisms are greatly appreciated!

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